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Aliens vs Predator 2

Fk 1099


I. FEATURES & MODICIATIONS __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
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___ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___ This version is a server-side mod which has several features. These features are: AXP/FUZZY ANTI SPAWN KILL Spawn Protection Mode has been provided to spawning players. Spawn Protection Mode protects players when spawning. While a player is in Spawn Protection Mode, he/she will not be able to attack or be attacked. They will be able to do many other functions, however. NEW IN FK1099: You will be allowed to choose a weapon to have it ready, but if you fire it, you will be set back to the DEFAULT WEAPON. When a player spawns, they will be protected indefinitely (DM, TDM) or for 30 seconds (EVAC, HUNT, SURVIVOR, OVERRUN) ... or ... until any of the following criteria is met: (1) Player jumps at any time. (2) Toggles on Crouch Toggle or Wallwalk Toggle. (3) Player Taunts. (4) Player moves (includes pouncing) exactly 400 game units from spawn point. This gives adequate distance for spawning players to move out of harm's way or spawn campers prior to exiting spawn protection mode. Upon completing any of the above listed tasks, the player will be immediately removed from spawn protection mode and will be vulnerable to attack. Players be allowed to most tasks while still in spawn protection mode such as: (1) Cloak (if predator) (2) Change vision modes (3) Turn and/or straffe (4) Move a few feet or so (Max 400 Game Units) (5) Send messages (6) Switch weapons (7) Fire weapons (doing no effect) (8) Adjust settings (hotkeys, video, sound, commands, etc) and the list goes on... If an alien player pounces from spawn protection mode, any victims within the spawn protection leash range will be uneffected by the pounce attack. If the alien finishes the pounce within his spawn protection leash, he will remain in spawn protection until one of the above listed criteria is met. If the pouncing alien exits the leash distance at any time during the pounce, he will immediately exit spawn protection mode. That means he could be in mid-air when he exits protection mode. It is important to note that players that are in Spawn Protection Mode are somewhat invisible to other players (except aliens as they can see the aura). NEW SERVER COMMANDS NOTE: Depending on how the Server Administrator configures the mod, using FK1099CFGRC7.EXE, will depend on what commands L1/L2 admins have access to. The Server Commands are: nk Kick a player by their ID Number. is their ID that you want to kick. The original kick command is gone, as it is useless anyway. tnc Toggle the ability for all players to either be able to change names or not allow it. Will not show a message that this command was toggled. L3 ACCESS ONLY! vtnc Toggle the ability for players to either be able to change names or not allow it. This version WILL show a message that it was toggled. L3 ACCESS ONLY! ren Allows and admin to rename a player. is the id of the player to be renamed. is the new player name you wish to assign. tks Toggles whether you want to allow players to keep score/frags on only class change or not. Species change still resets to 0. tpc Admin Player Chat Toggle. This allows the admins ability to MUTE players. Once muted, you can not Private Chat, Team Chat, or use Normal Chat. *****This is reset on level change, and when player leaves the server!***** tfom This command forces a player to enter observe mode and they can NOT get out without the admin re- doing this command. The side effect that FK1098 has has been fixed. *****This is reset on level change, and when player leaves the server!***** tom This allows the admin to put a player in a NON-RESTRICTIVE observe mode if need be, or themselves. A good use for this is if the admin needs to admin the server, or what not, you can go to observe mode and do it. Another good use is if a player says AFK, you can get them into Observer Mode and get them out of the way so they don't tie up a spawn point. cpc This command lets you change a player to a specific Species/Class. If you want to change someone to a species the server is not configured for, you must be able to use: tosl command. Some L1 and L2 admins may not be able to use this command, depending on how the server operator sets it up. # Character -------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Runner 2 Drone 3 Predalien 4 Praetorian 5 Johnson(Marine) 6 Icharo(Marine) 7 Jones(Marine) 8 Harrision(Marine) 9 Light Predator 10 Predator 11 Assault Predator 12 Heavy Predator 13 Ivan(Corp) 14 Dunya(Corp) 15 Rykov(Corp) 16 Dimitri(Corp) tscl Toggle the setting on id# and prevent a player from changing Species or Class. *****This is reset on level change, and when player leaves the server!***** tccl Toggle the setting on id# and prevent Species Changes on a player. They can change class within their current species. *****This is reset on level change, and when player leaves the server!***** tsl This toggle restricts ALL players to their current species. They can change class, just not species. *****This stays set until server is restarted, or admin toggles it!***** ttsl This toggle restricts ALL players to the current Species and current class they are playing. No Character changes can be made except via admin command. *****This stays set until server is restarted, or admin toggles it!***** tosl This toggles the Override Species Lock. This allows you to put in species that are not setup in the server config file. Then you use the cpc command to put someone in the species you want. On a level change, they will NOT be in this species. You will have to do it again, if you want a species that wasn't defined. *****This stays set until server is restarted, or admin toggles it!***** dsa Allows a L3 Admin to DISABLE L2 Admin Login and command access. Usefull for passwords that may have been hijacked. dwa Allows a L3 Admin to DISABLE L1 Admin Login and command access. Usefull for passwords that may have been hijacked. gsc # Gives Temp Server control to ID #. They need not know your SC Password for you to give them 1 time server control. If they leave or an admin with the SC PW gains control, they lose it and can not get it back unless they know the PW or someone uses this command on them again. L3 ACCESS ONLY! slock This will allow you to change the server to a locked server. is the password you want to set it to. Only Numbers and Alpha are acceptable (0-9, a-z, A-z). Due to the way the engine handles level changes, everyone gets booted at the NEXT level change, BUT only those who know the password may rejoin. The only way to remove the locked condition is to REBOOT the server, or re-issue the " slock" command like this: " slock k". To unlock, you need at least one character, and it (number or letter). This command will allow ALL PLAYERS CURRENTLY IN GAME TO STAY IN THE SERVER. The plock command will operate the way slock used to, only people who you gave the PW to would know it. *****This stays set until server is restarted, or admin toggles it!***** privl This allows admins to lock the server and then they can private message who gets the password. Useful to use, for example, if you need to restart the server and not want to have to be right there to shut down between levels. *****This stays set until server is restarted, or admin toggles it!***** dmhde # This command is dedicated to the DMH brotherhood and DE Clan. This command toggles a "Pred Melee vs Human Pistol/Shotgun" playing mode. This command is OFF by default and must be toggled on in game. Once this command is on, the weapons that are NOT allowed will work exactly as they do while you are in spawn mode. They simply do not fire and cause damage to anyone. Preds can only use: Wristblades and Combistick Humans can only use: Knife, Pistol and shotgun Aliens can not STUN with tail, or cause STUN on pounce. Also, no exeosuit weapons will function either. Aliens can attack as usual, it is up to the admin to decide whether to allow aliens to join this game. But the way DMH/DE plays it, we do not allow aliens to be present. This is my gift to DMH and DE. I recommend that the admins let all new players that joined know that only these weapons will work, or they will have some angry players. TO DEACTIVATE MELEE MODE USE: dmhde FK1099RC2 FIXES: Alien Stun is now disabled in melee mode. If the humans make it to an ammo box, all classes receive shotguns and flamethrowers. When DMHDE mode is turned off, all humans are respawned so that the extra weapons are removed. Ammo Boxes will not function for Predators during DMHDE mode. Requires AVP2ServFE v1.7.7.0 if you want to see the timed reminders. The command will still work without the server app. FK1099RC6 CHANGES: Disabled Assault & Heavy Predator classes. Have had a number of requests for this and made a new command that works in addition to DMHDE melee mode. This command is: mmpulse What this command does is enables Assault and Heavy classes then allows humans to use the pulse rifle. Don't worry, pulse nades DO NOT WORK during this mode of DMHDE Melee mode. This command is a seperate toggle and by default, is NOT enabled. FK1099RC9 CHANGES: Light Predator is forbidden to use the Combi Stick during melee mode. Give them an unfair advantage. NOTES: THIS FEATURE REQUIRES AVP2ServFE to get the auto message for this command!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU DO NOT USE AVP2ServFE APP, simply use: dmhde 0 to activate the command. # can be 0 to 20. If # is 0 or 1, then there is NO periodic timer message indicating that melee mode is on. If is is 2 - 20, then it sets a Timer that a periodic timer will display a message indicating MELEE MODE is on. If # = 2, then approx. every 10 seconds you will see a message pop up. If set to 3 then every 15 seconds, 4 is every 20 seconds, and so on. 20 would be approx. every 100 seconds. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND A VALUE OF 4 to 5! *****This stays set until server is restarted, or admin toggles it!***** melemsg This command will allow an admin to display for all to see, that melee mode is on and what weapons are allowed. The command does take into account for mmpulse mode as well. *** ALL ADMIN LEVELS *** rc Release Admin Access. ALL 3 Levels can use this command. For L3 (SC) you lose the STAR icon. tpa # Performs the actions of tfom and tpc commands. Puts a player to Forced Observe Mode and MUTES them. *****This is reset on level change, and when player leaves the server!***** tweap # This changes the weapon banning settings. If # is 0, that enables or disables ALL weapon banning. It is equivelant to a master on/off switch. Only 0 can be used by a Level 3 Admin. # Weapon ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Predator Pistol 2 Speargun 3 Disc 4 Netgun 5 Remote Bombs 6 Plasma Caster 7 Pulse Rifle 8 Smartgun 9 Sadar 10 Minigun 11 Railgun 12 Flamethrower 13 Grenade Launcher 14 Alien Pounce Stun/Tail Stun (NOTE: #14 has had VERY LITTLE testing!) NOTES on tweap: If you fire a BANNED weapon, it will AUTO SWITCH to the Default weapon, FK1099RC2 FIXES: Alien Tail Stun and Pounce Stun disabling actually works now. Wow, what a concept...LOL nban # If a player is abusuing the command, this will cool their jets. This toggles the ability of commnand usuage. *****This is reset on level change!***** watch # Puts a player ID # in Game Observe Mode. Basically, it does TFOM, then CPC to an alien, then prevents Private Chat and Team Chat messages from working. Usefull to Observe a game. No more using 3+ commands to achieve the same effect! autofom If an admin is having trouble with hackers they can enable "Join Forced Observe Mode upon Joining". This requires the admin to release player to play if they choose to do so. NOTE: If you give L1 and/or L2 access to autofom, you NEED to give them access to TFOM as well, or joiners will be stuck in FOM until an admin with proper access can release them. togfom # This command command replaces RELFOM and ALLFOM and combines them If # = 0, that releases all from TFOM, # = 1 for put all players into TFOM. evacwait Special command for Evac Game mode. The code for this was given to me by bunny-s and since I don't play evac, not too sure of what it does. fommsg Allows people to display the message about Auto FOM on join. This is mostly used by admins, instead of retyping a message constantly. All 3 levels of admin automatically get access to this command. Should be used to repeatedly explain AUTOFOM on JOIN mode to players. This command only works if autofom has been enabled. shp # # Due to the amount of jerks using God Mode type hacks. The first # is the ID Number of the player. If you want to show the whole server what someone's health is, then the second # must be 1. I repeat, the second # must be 1. shp 1

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