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Aliens vs Predator 2

[TDS] Pods


The level: overrun mode: the human weapons are up top where the "defender" spawn points are, so i would reccomend that u do not put the humans as the attackers (with class weapons off) or they wont
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have any gunz. likewise the pred weapons are down the bottom round the "attacker" spawns. evac mode: the evacuees start down the bottom of the pod, and have to try and get up to the top and into the elevator (in real life it would probably be the other way around, but it would be too easy for the evacuees, they could just jump straight into the evac lol). the attackers start at the top, near the lift. pred weapons are up top and rine down bottom. also, one of the panels on the 3rd level controls the opening/shutting of the lift. try and get a teammate to open/close it at the right time. also, when an anyone goes into the lift, it will auto-shut. only an alien or pred may escape (via the openable roof, so pred only if its closed), unless the doors are opened again by the switch. of course, if you are evacing, this will (hopefully) help you to survive, just keep an eye on the roof... ;);) evac and overrun mode: another of the switches controls the opening and closing of alternate sets of ladders. to aid the defenders in overrun, or the attackers in evac, these may be shut off to help stop the enemy advance. however, if someone manages to get up to this point (via a semi-secret route i built), then they may open some of the ladders to let their friends through. ALL MODES: the final switch is the same as it is in sp mode, it triggers the crate-carrying arm. if a teammate climbs onto the crate from the bottom or lower level, then by hitting this switch the arm takes them straight up to the lift, so watch out defenders(over)/attackers(evac)/or anyone up there lol final note: because, partially because of my clans rules, and partially because of how i feel about them, you will find no disk, smartgun, pred pistol or tracking rockets in this level.

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