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The Sims 2 Patch


# This patch addresses some issues with uploading lots and exporting lots. # Fix to prevent accidental deletion of game data files. # Added support for Hungarian languages. # Fixed Custom Content
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Browser support for Asian territories. # Fixed bugs related to downloadable objects. # Re-enables the in-game browser for Asian territories (was disabled in the previous patch). # Fixes \"the jump bug\" causing Sims with a large number of memories to reset, or \"jump,\" when performing interactions. # Visitors will no longer kidnap a baby or toddler by leaving the lot while carrying them. # Sims can now plan outfits for toddlers by using the changing table. # Fixes a crash that would occur when viewing snapshots while simultaneously deleting pictures. # Prevents pixelization from showing through walls when the Sim is behind the wall. # A Sim whose fiancé dies can now become engaged again. # Maids can now clean up pizza boxes and baby bottles. # Fixes problems with the grim reaper and social worker that would disable save UI. # The plumbbob will no longer appear in an NPCs chest when they marry into a Sim\'s family. # Sims no longer get stuck on community lots when a Sim autonomously chooses to leave in the same car that they arrived in. # Stargazing on the ground no longer satisfies the \"Stargaze with Telescope\" want. # Fixes a problem with Sims\' jobs not functioning properly when 3 or more Sims go to work in a helicopter. # Babies now age transition properly when the Help With Birthday interaction is cancelled. # Fixes the extremely rare problem where the UI would become disabled when an elder dies of old age. # Fixes a problem where small objects (mostly toys) could be deleted when a Sim interacts with other nearby objects. # The custom content browser no longer closes when an active link is double-clicked. # Fixes the problem where coffee cups would occasionally be deleted when an interaction is cancelled. # An adopted baby no longer snaps to the ground when the social worker that delivers it puts it in a crib. # Sims now take a copy of all clothing in the family\'s inventory when they move out. # Fixes a couple of cases of buy/build mode becoming disabled when the social worker arrives on the lot. # Fixes the problem where the teddy bear would occasionally float after being put down. # Teens no longer get the unsatisfiable \"Write a Novel\" want. # Fixes a problem with the newspaper delivery person getting stuck on lots containing a high number of objects. System/Config issues: # Users with limited user accounts can now run the game. # Improved performance with Radeon X800 cards. Users continuing to experiencing problems should update to the 4.10 driver. # The game no longer affects a user\'s modem settings when connecting to the internet via the modem. # Fixes a problem with default collections not being available when user data is regenerated.

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