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USS Sovereign


Nobody ever made a decent retexture for Rick Knox\'s Sovereign-class that has the registries for the U.S.S. Sovereign(NCC-73811). I recently made what I believe to be a pretty decent retexture for
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the P81 Sovereign that changes all registries to those for the U.S.S. Sovereign, even though I used a combination of MSPAINT blending and WordArt pasted into the Targas of the P81 Sovereign.This pack contains the new Targas(in a separate ship folder - don\'t worry about overwriting the old U.S.S. Enterprise-E Targas or your other Sovereign Targas) as well as a hardpoint file and weapons that I made for the Sovereign-class starship a long time ago; in essence, this is an entirely new Sovereign-class with new sound effects as well. Like any ship or ship hardpoint that I\'ve put out, this ship will likely need its mass, moment of inertia, and tractor beam power lowered significantly in order to mix appropriately with other player\'s ships. In order to do this, open the file \"\" in \"scripts/ships/Hardpoints\" and find the lines for the tractor beam methods and set their damage values lower(to about the same damage value as the tractor beams of your Nebula-class starship, maybe a little higher since it\'s a Sovereign-class). To lower the ship\'s mass, open up the hardpoint file for your Galaxy-class starship and find the line which says something like \"Galaxy.SetMass(\"m\")\" where \"m\" is the mass of your Galaxy-class. Take this value and multiply it by exactly 0.712222 and enter this value for the U.S.S. Sovereign\'s mass; its mass method should be something like \"Sovereign.SetMass(\"whatever\")\" where \"whatever\" is the old mass - replace the old mass with the one you\'ve just determined. The moment of inertia(rotational inertia) of a starship determines how likely the ship is to rotate and how fast it will rotate if a tangential force is applied to its hull. A ship with a moment of inertia that is too small will spin out of control very easily, whereas a ship with a moment of inertia and mass that are too large will fly around like a battering ram, even knocking starbases and stations away from it at high speeds! A good moment of inertia for the U.S.S. Sovereign is one that is about 1,500,000 times its mass, so to find this moment of inertia, multiply the mass you\'ve just determined by 1,500,000 and enter it in the method \"Sovereign.SetRotationalInertia(\"I\")\" where \"I\" is the moment of inertia that you just determined.

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