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Aliens vs Predator 2

AJL Modification Patch


AJL-Modification B.0.2 Made by Alien_JL ***Changes*** General: Several bugs fixed, including lifecycle bug, perfect aim bug, and various crashing bugs. Most of things that changed from the
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previous version are game play and balance changes. So you won't notice a big change if you play alone. Server Command limbloss (Toggle Alien Limbloss on, off) All Species: - Become tired more quickly due to repeated jumping. This affects Predators the most, and humans the least. Humans: - New explosion effects and sounds. - New rocket sound, new pistol sound and new shotgun sounds. - When reloading a clip you'll lose the old one and all the ammunition it carried. - Shotgun, reduced damage against predators, now knocks down if all the 8 pellets hit. - Buckshot now works against aliens and will knock them down, but slugs are far more effective against Xeno's. - New fog-independent IR vision for the marines (many older video cards do not have fog). - Name change: from Sniper to Flamer (Go figure) - Added hand-grenades to Rifleman and Flamer (Press 'Throw Flare' button to throw a grenade) - Loads of damage changes. Pistol is now powerful and useful weapon in patient and skilled hands - Other minor things Predators: - The attack ranges of the combistick and wristblades have been adjusted to be more realistic. - Speargun is now inaccurate if used while moving - Edited Lasers back to Tracking Disc - Tweaked the Plasma Cannons (Cannon, Burner, Blaster - Seeker is unchanged) for slightly improved speed and accuracy - Loads of damage changes. Aliens: - New taunts. - Loads of balance changes Runner's tail is now weaker than other aliens (While lifecycle is on this applies to Drone as well) Guards are now slightly slower than before, but very tough All aliens have slightly reduced jumping distance (crouch jump) - Loads of damage changes. Hitting the target directly with a charged tail will result in more damage An alien damaged just before a tail attack will suffer a damage penalty on their tail attack (lasting 0.5 seconds). Jaw attack must hit predators in the head to kill with one hit, but humans always die from a jaw attack hit. - All alien classes now have unique strengths, weaknesses and general characteristics. Drone is so called "training" Alien. He doesnt have anything over the other Alien classes. He's an Alien for those who like challenge and for those hosts who cant handle the "real" Aliens. (Nearly same as Warrior when Life cycle is on) **Special thanks for Help and Testing** JThePrayer IArt Akalamanaia Archer Christofori **Special Thanks for sounds** JThePrayer ConQuiX

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