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Old Reunion


A hangout map eh? For reunions? Well this it may be, but as things go, this map falls a little short when compared to other 'hangout' maps. I'm going to start with my *extreme* dislike of the
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textures used. I'm not sure where I've seen that green scaly-looking one before, but as far as floor textures go... well it's not that great. A lot of other textures used are also inappropriate for where they were placed, and this diminishes the overall wuality of the map. The lighting was alright mostly, but there were some areas where it was very dodgy, such as the outside (Well inside, but with holes in the ceiling) rocky area, where incidentally, there is also a horribel repeating texture. There were some okay areas though, like the courtyard with the four flames in each corner (the flames don't hurt you) and the maze wasn't that bad, although it wasn't very interesting. I guess I quite liked the disco-themed rooms, the vivid lighting doesn't seem out of place in theese areas ;) and the lower floor of the disco bit looks quite comfortable! Having said that, this map does have a few bugs, such as the use of the glass texture on the closing duel area - remember to caulk the sides of the glass, and most of the rooms are just cubes. However, there will always be some support for this type of map - for those who like to 'hang out' I guess.... anyways I've gone on long enough lol :) The lack of bot routing is in my opinion, a severe weakness, the new textures aren't very impressive and the teleporters aren't very obvious either. Overall I personally think it's a fairly poor map, but everyone will think differently. To the author, I advise you spent a little more time crafting your areas, add some better details, use some patches and look at other's work for inspiration. I'm sure your next effort will far surpass this one :D Oh, and please don't use that background music ever again... its soo annoying ;) New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: Yes ~Szico VII~

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