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The realm of Thranduil


This map is the elven forest of Mirkwood, its lord is the elven king Thranduil and his son legolas. The map has many of the deceptions of tolkien, mountains of Mirkwood, poisoned river, the
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forest River, the elven path, spiders and goblins. This map is also perfect to make ambush with rangers or elves. The difference in the two battles is that in the evil you have to get away with Gollum because he is your only chance of getting a base, with the good your enemy starts with a base, do not try to play evil in the good-map as you will lose the point of the battle. There is and elven city in the top right, and because lake town is right east of the map I have made a little gondorian camp in the south east. And then two evil camps in the top left and down left. but you HAVE !! to be in the base that is in the down left. History of the battle: For those of you how haven’t read the Fellowship of the ring, I will now tell the story: after that Bilbo had taken the ring from Gollum, Aragon had seen the footprint of Gollum, he followed it, Aragon caught the creature but Gollum did of cause not talk. So Aragon brought him to Mirkwood where he could be in prison because they did not want Gollum to tell any of our dark lord creatures that Bilbo had taken the ring, because if that happened then we would send black riders to Frodo and then reclaim that what was ours, but stupid as the elves are, they led him Gollum climb, up to the highest branches in a tree, with an elf guard at the foot of the tree, but your orc scouts had seen this and this summer the orcs will attacked, this is where the battle starts, Get Gollum away from the elven city!!! Sneak Gollum through goblin spiders and elves. To you have found the right place to build your base. Then destroy those elves and men, so that the time of the orc can come, and Sauron can get back the Ring.

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