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Armada 3 Concept_Temporal Empire


Ten years after Voyager returned in alpha quadrant everybody believed that after destroying Borg Queen collective would be permanent disabled except few spheres and cubes that managed to survive. But
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in all that time there wasn’t established new collective because Borg started to act different. Little ships that are left to Borg managed to come to border of Delta and Gamma quadrant and they conquered few systems. After only several years Borg didn’t used assimilation as tool for increasing their strength because they developed new methods of cloning so they started massive production on new forces. In few years Borg restored himself like he was before destruction of collective, but every Borg was individual. That gave Borg new dimension of existence. In that time life in Alpha quadrant flows pretty normal for situation in there. Cardassians are restoring from all wars that happened in last few years, but one their military experiment didn’t go well, and it set them few years back. When they before 5 years started testing temporal weaponry, they didn’t know what disaster expects them Before 3 years experiment on new temporal bomb went wrong, from unknown reasons power of explosion was thousand times stronger then they expected which led to disappearance of 25% Cardassian space in time and continuum. Because of complex of experiment itself and explosion, those planets and systems weren’t destroyed; they were moved in another galaxy. There, on foundations of Cardassian Empire, grow new race- Temporal Empire. Temporal Empire tried to reach their ancestors Cardassians who are not aware of them because to them only few years passed, but to Temporal Empire few centuries passed. They opened gate between 2 galaxies, but unfortunately gate appeared in middle of new Borg society in Delta quadrant. Then Borg attacked Temporal Empire. Romulans spend those years in taking care about internal problems with empire and fighting Reman rebellion. Neutral zone still exist which means that relationships with them and Federation are still not better. Federation and Klingons are on the end of signing new historical treaty about joining new Klingon Republic to United Federation of Planets. Specie 8472 goes to more often to Alpha quadrant to better meet new species that already live there, however they did not shown and hostile attentions.

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