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SFC3 Server Kit Unofficial Balancing Beta Patch


It has been close to a year since Taldren released a patch for Starfleet Command 3, now Taldren does not exist, they declared bankruptcy and closed their doors. They did leave us with, and
Show All has taken up where they have left off, but we have seen more come about for EAW and OP than SFC 3. So with hearing all of the complaints and the gripes since the 534_b release about the Scimitar being the Uber BB and basicly the king of the game, causing the closure of most of the regular patched game servers since no one wants to fight and lose every time against the Scimitar. So we decided to change all of that and make the playing field level once again. When they released the last patch 534_b they added the Borg Cube and the Reman Scimitar which left out the Federation and Klingon Empire when it came to a selectable Battleship to be used in the dynaverse, IP skirmishes, or Gamespy play. Not to mention the Scimitar cost half the price of the Borg Cube and can easily defeat the Cube. Well all of that just changed. We at decided to create our own 534_C Unofficial Balancing Patch and server kit for the SFC 3 Gaming Community We added a Federation Battleship comparable to the Cube and Scimitar. We added a Klingon Battleship comparable to the Cube and Scimitar. We made the prices of all 4 of the Battleships balanced and equal. We turned on the option where you will not need your CD in the drive to play the game -- only to install it. We turned on the option for enhanced shield effects. We balanced all of the Battleships equally so that a fair fight could be obtained during gameplay. We added the battleships to be used in single and multiplayer campaign mode. And the most nagging of them all, we changed the officer damage setting so your officers will last a little longer in battle and not get knocked out and die so easily. (but they still will) Now I am sure we will get a lot of praise and a lot of criticism for this, and frankly we don\'t care. We did this for the gamers so that they can have fun with the game in its original setting once again. IMPORTANT NOTE: This 534_C Unofficial Balancing Patch is not supported by Activision, Taldren, or It is supported 100% by and our Staff.

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