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Llama's Hangout


Alright, now I'm pretty sure this isn't a clan map, but it's very similar, minus all the clan posters a clan map usually has. I guess thats what typical 'hangout' maps contain though, features like
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the FFA arena, the training section, the bar e.t.c. Now don't get me wrong, I do think this map is well inspired, and the areas have been crafted with fun in mind - either that or he was trying to kill inadept JKA players with his annoying assault course grrr. It took me oh, a whole 10 minutes to get past it. Never again lol. :( However, it is somewhat buggy and evidently there's room for a lot of improvement :) The lighting used in this level wasn't a very bright idea (No pun intended) in most of the areas, especially the outside FFA square and the training course, as the bright purple and yellows clash somewhat nastily, and the green light outside doesn't seem very natural-looking. Having said that however, the shadows and things aren't bad, and it's always bright enough to see what you are doing :) The thing the author really needs to improve on though is his detail. An empty room is bad, but an empty room stuffed with random boxes and a few gun emplacements kind of looks like the author had no other idea as to what to put there. Additionally, you need to work on your -vis and areaportalling, as when you jump high enough in the FFA section (don't worry about finding it, it has a giant FFA sign engraved onto the wall ;) ) you can see through the skybox and inside to the rest of the level. Areaportaling will cut this off, or the use of the anti-portal brush should sort this out (Although I'm not sure the antiportal brush exists in JK2.) The teleporters weren't bad, but the rotating bead/light effect used could be vastly improved, and I think it really needs a glow effect on it! Also, the bar area was somewhat lacking in detail, and it was very erm.. blue. Texture work was a little bit strange here and there, most noticeably outside, plus there was a very random room with the bespin skybox which didn't seem to have any purpose. Unfortunately, there's no bot support nor new sounds, and the level feels a bit bland without some musical ambiance to fill it up :(. Despite this, it isn't a bad map, it's just limited in quite a few areas. If the author keeps at it I'm sure he will surpass this with his next work, good luck :) New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No Bot Support: No ~Szico VII~

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