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NEW: - All features I had promised to add to FastQuest have been implemented! - Automatically add changed quests to QuestTracker, enabled by default and can be toggled by /fq autoadd -
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Automatically notify your party of your quest progress (example: Thistle Boar Slain 5/7), this option is off by default and can be toggled by /fq autonotify - There now over 20 shades of colors from bright green to bright red that are used to denote quest and monster difficulty. Quest that would be come trivial next level is highlighted giving you chance to complete it while it still yields exp. - Many scripts optimized and few minor bugs adressed. 1.xx Features: - Removes Quest Fade in delay from \"New Quest\" Dialog - Adds quest levels before quest names. - Relocates checkmark in quest log so it appears before the quest name. - Allows you to insert quest objectives of the selected quest into the chat. Open the chatbox and right click on the quest name. ( Output format: \"Objectives of QuestName are - objectives\" check the screenshot above. ) - Adds formating options for Shift+click into chat use /fq format to cycle though them. Allows \"[10+] QuestName\", \"[10] QuestName (Elite)\", etc - Enhance Blizzard’s Quest-Tracker (use RightClick or Shift+click on QuestLog quest titles to Add/Remove quests). Automatically reload quests you have been working on before you loged out back into quest tracker on log-in until they are completed or manually removed. - Allows QuestTracker window to be draged anywhere on the screen(use \"/fq unlock\" to enable draging and you can \"/fq lock\" to lock it in place). Unlike other addons FastQuest acomplishes that without overwriting blizzard\'s FrameXML files so this is fully compatible with future versions of blizzard\'s questlogframe.xml & questlogframe.lua Dragging is enabled by default and it\'s side effect is removal of textwrap. So if you want to disable dragging use /fq nodrag (using it again will enable it again) - Quests in Quest-Tracker are displayed in color that is based on difficulty. For increased visibility objectives colored white (incomplete) or light green (complete) - Notifies player with a sound and message when Quest-Tracker quest completes and automatically removes completed quests from Quest-Tracker. - Adds “Q” button next to a minimap window that toggles QuestTracker window on and off. This may be useful when taking a screenshot. If no quests are being tracked it will just open the quest log window. A key can be bound to this function as well. This option is on by default and can be disabled by \"/fq button\" Install: Unpack the file to WoW\\Interface\\AddOns\\ Vashen

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