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Ultimate UI


Ultimate UI is a compilation of addons that enhance the WoW user interface and make the life of the user easier and more efficient. UUI at this point has been through over 20 versions and had over
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100,000 downloads, so do not think that this is just a first time slap-job in the UI business. With the help of people like you, UUI has grown incredibly fast. Despite a few setbacks in the recent weeks, I hope UUI will grow to the number one used mod package in WoW. Remember, I don't get paid for this, nor paid to promote this in any way, but what I do get is the satisfaction in knowing I just helped each and every user of UUI have a much better playing experice. Try UUI yourself, whether you're a "newbie" with UI's or an expert, and witness the great extent to which it can help you. UUI takes a few minutes to setup in the beginning, this few minutes can be several minutes if you are new. I offer a lot of ways to get help with this, do not hesitate to ask. The first time you setup UUI will be your last time, as everything is saved. [b]Updates / New in v9.6.0[/b] Finally, I can most unhesistantly say this is the first version straight up that won't cause a SINGLE error for ANYONE. Why? Because errors no long appear if you even get them. Who wants to know that the "UIERRORDROPDOWNFRAME on line 3403095345345 is a nil value" etc etc. That's just stuff you don't need to know, just stuff I need to take care of. So I disabled the UI's ability to even show script errors. - I just entirely ditched the NoErrors addon that I was working on, it was buggy because the action it needed to catch didn't have an event and hooking the error function seemed to have problems so I just made a simple FrameXML hack that hides all errors. Simply delete BasicControls.xml in your framexml directory if for some odd reason you want to see script errors. - Updated .toc files. - moved ImprovedErrorFrame to optional addons because you won't be needing to see errors anymore. - Updated titanpanel - Updated Flexbar UUI Forums:

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