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Half-Life 2 SourceForts Hugeflat Map


This map features - an enourmas open space with no terrain at all. I know that sounds boring, but it also features one of my new inventions that I'm very excited about, which turns that boring
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terrain into space just waiting to be filled with insane forts! This invention of mine has completely revolutionized fort building. I call this invention Ent guns! These portable "guns" are racked in their nice wooden cases at the begining of the game, and you can easily pick them up with the physcannon and carry them around. While carrying them, you can push your use key (usually E) to spawn a block wherever you are pointing the gun! There are two guns for each type of block for each team (totalling 4 guns for each block total). The type of block it spawns is indicated by the floating replica of the prop which rotates so elegantly over the main portion of the gun. You can also carry this handy little gadget over to your fortsite and freeze it there, allowing your team to easily come by and push the button on the back of the gun to spawn a new block and carry it into the fort, or maybe you are already in the fort! This completely eliminates the hassle of running back to base to the annoying ent spawners to get a new block, and since there are two of each type, no more waiting in line for blocks! VERY IMPORTANT: A few things to know about the afformentioned guns: After spawning a block, it is temporarily "frozen" (motion disabled) in place. While this may seem great to make walls and other things, remember that the "freeze" is only temporary! You still need to place and/or freeze the block yourself! This may be nothing more than taking out the freeze gun and freezing the block there in place, but it is still necessary. There are also two moveable teleporters for each team. In the tests these haven't been all that popular, but they are still fun to play with, you can teleport to and from any two places you want! I currently have a phys_keepupright on each tele to keep them from falling over, but these tend to wear off after a few rounds for some reason so go ahead and position your tele where you want it before this happens, because after it does your probably going to end up coming out of the tele with skewed angles :-/

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