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[RF]Fallen Castle


Here we have a FFA map called [RF]Fallen Castle! The Author, Ben Jones, appears to have made a map based on his story line you will see in his read me file. Theres somthing about maps based
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on a story line that kinda makes things more interesting. Anyhow, This map Ben states is his 3rd attempt at mapping overall. To start, this map may not be for the faint of heart! I\'m telling you, I was attacked by a mutant sadistic rabbit/Dog!! Nearly took my leg off!! Yea, I know the author says there.. whats his words.. \"poorly made goats\", and some of you may think they are just poorly made models.. but I know better! Be alert for they are evil! Ok, back to the review. This map has several areas linked together by teleports that you find. These areas seam to be specifically made for friends of his in his clan. One room creeped me out, not because of the general texturing or lighting, but that there were several detached legs laying around the room in a circle. Of course, there is a pool of sorts with acouple diving boards above and even a type of water slide for lack of better words. The design itself is fairly boxy with few bends or curves. There are a few places due to the placment of the light entities, \"bright spots\" can be seen on the floor. The tree house that he made I think was a cool idea, if it wasnt for the fact the tree is inside of the treehouse. Another things that i noticed was the shack and the pen had electronic sliding doors with sound.. just didnt seam to fit with his concept. Some of the textures are rather repeating as well. Overall, for a third map this isnt to bad. More curves and less blocky would really help for future reference, along with not allowing some of the textures to repeat. I give you credit for the teleports, force-pushes and the attempts at the models, but more attention needs to be made on the basics. Along with those things, the lighting has no source in some areas.. example, in the main area, the sky is black and the map is lit as day. This map has some cool features for a third attempt, and could be fun. -Lizardking

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