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Training 17


This map is a training map for your strafing and jumping. It has 3 main areas, the first of which is called the 'Menu'. In the menu are several spawn points marked by transporter pads, with
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different items on each (decoy, forcefield, quad, etc). I noticed the developer forgot to include mirror entities for these, so if you look at them you will see the HOM (Hall of Mirrors) effect. By the wall are some posts labeled 'Strafe' and 'Borg Jumppads', these are the other main areas. By passing under the posts labeled 'Strafe' you will be transported to a sort of strafing race track. It is a very long and boring run to the end, so get that finger soothing cream ready. By shooting the button called 'Start button' (which has a missing texture on it), there will be a small countdown with exploding grenades, followed by the text 'go go go', at which point you're supposed to run :). If you happen to fall over the sides here you will be transported back to the start, so..don't do that :). On the long trip ahead, lays some arc welder ammo, and photon bursts. At the end you will find another set of posts, one will bring you back to the start, another will transport you to where you already are (the finish) and the other will bring you back to the 'Menu'. Back at the menu you can pass under another set of posts labeled 'Borg Jumppads' to find yourself in a room with borg walls, a borg tower, borg platforms, and (you guessed it) borg jumppads. This room seems to be full of textures that you can see through one way but not the other. There are three ways you can get to the top of the tower. The first (and easiest) is to nip through the posts labeled 'Finisch' (yes I can spell finish, they can't). The second way is to take a long trip up the winding tower walkways, and the third way is to use the borg platforms and jumppads to fly up and up until you reach the top. There is nothing of interest at the top, except yet another set of transporter posts, taking you to the menu and the start. The levelshot lists the settings the developer wanted you to use: g_gravity "800" g_speed "300" Give it a download if you feel like testing yourself (probably not for experts). Review by Gez.

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