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Last Man Standing Coop Multiplatform


[quote]Beta 0.1 Feature List: General- Brand New Menu with new graphics, sound, etc (Timbobsteve, Burn, Danamo) Shoulder Flashlight (Timbobsteve) The maps include four different difficulty
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levels for players of varying skill (Timbobsteve, Beerman) Score system (Timbobsteve) End of game Score Display (Timbobsteve) Kicking soundtrack to every map (see music section) Walkspeed changed to equal runspeed (Beerman) Weapons- (note: Models for the double barrel and plasmathrower were unfortunately not completed for this release, but will hopefully be in the next one) Pistol is 3 shot (Beerman) Double Barrel shotgun -- single shot autoreload version (Beerman) Chaingun with 300 round belt and a lower rate of fire (Beerman) Plasmathrower (Beerman) - Turned the plasmagun into a flamethrower using plasma Maps- Fortcomp10 (calimer) note-- This map is meant to be a standalone, not used with the mod. Please put it in the doom 3/base folder and load up doom3. Then open up the console (ctrl alt `) and type "map fortcomp10" obviously without the quotes. This is the classic LMS map that was the first example the type of gameplay to be used in the mod. Hangar Incursion (Timbobsteve) Takes place inside the hangar of a base. You are constantly being pushed back by swarms of enemies while needing to hack through security doors to continue your retreat. This map does end, and has a nice special surprise for those that beat it. Loading Dock (Beerman) The player starts off in an area of a base near a train station. While fighting off hordes, the player must make his way to the train station and escape aboard the train. This map does end too. Portal Defense (Beerman) Takes place inside a huge spherical chamber. A portal straight from hell opens up and the player is forced to fight an endless legion of monsters. Try to see how high you can get your score each time. Commando Attack (SpawnFT) This map is a small room with unending amounts of Commandos. See how long you can last in this very addicting map. Chambers of Misery (Mercykiller) A very dark and hellish set of rooms that features endless waves monsters. Music- Neurosphere-- Fallen Angel's Last Flight We Do What We Want Bonestorm Skaven-- Corrupter (Edited with permission) They Crave Cannon Angel Past the Chase[/quote] NB: Screenies will be uploaded in a short while; the most important was to have this release online ASAP :)

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