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Lando\'s Square


Come on, everybody loves Bespin maps! There’s just something about them, which people really like. Well I know there’s at least one great thing that I can pinpoint on this map, and that’s its
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playability, its fun factor, or whatever else you want to call it. Sometimes, even if the actual map doesn’t look perfect, or the texturing doesn’t quite work, a map can still be a massive hit, just because of how fun it is to play. Don’t get me wrongo, there are some pretty nice looking areas on this map, that look really well done, I noticed that there is pretty good use of patches here and there. But there are areas, where its not so good, its still ok, but some of the textures, or the lighting, don’t quite fit, and there are also areas where the build quality doesn’t seem too good, if you know what I mean. But, like I said, this map is excellent fun to play. I would imagine clans might like this, or maybe people who want to have an all out guns and sabers FFA. The music fits really well, and….there’s a statue of Lando!!!!! :D Now, I have tried to use the Lando statue model before, but every time I tested it ingame, it just had the grey and white missing texture thing all over it, and I could never find the texture for it in any of the games folders :S But, somehow, the author of this map has found the correct texture for the model, please, please tell me where you found it lol, because so far it has escaped me. Another thing I liked in this map was the fountain on one of the rooms, it looks really good, and the rushing water sound is very relaxing too :) I also noticed that the author seems to have used much of Ravens Bespin duel map in the map, and I must say, the author has actually blended it in really well with the rest of the architecture. All in all, could do with some work on the build quality, the texturing and the lighting/shadows (try doing this compile BSP –meta –vis –light –fast –filter as it will make your shadows look better ;) ) But its still a fun map to play! :D Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA, TFFA ~Nozyspy~

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