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This map pack features a total of 8 maps which will all be reviewed independantly. Check below for the reviews. Red River You might not guess it but this map takes place among a red river. There
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are 2 ways to move around, the tradiational car or a boat. Be careful though because the enemy is lurking on both sides of the river waiting for an unsuspecting stranger to come along (you). I'd say this is a pretty large map with lots of buildings and other little things that make it a very nice map like a bridge. There were some flaws in the big compound with the walls around it, I noticed quite a lot of overlapping textures which is kind of a shame looking at the rest of the beautiful map. The red river looks quite astonishing. I would suggest playing this with more than one player though. Let's face it, it's not fun on your own anyway. Warm Up Warm Up takes places on a island in the middle of the ocean. The goal is to defend the island from the hostile enemies which come by either a helicopter or a boat. Plenty or artillerie is placed for you to use. Also several buildings have been placed, each having its own strategic benefits. Make no mistake, the enemy is very powerful, if you do not take cover you will die within seconds. They will keep bringing reinforcements. I thought the buildings didn't look that bad, but they didn't look great either. I felt a bit cramped in the main building since it was a bit small. Several armories have been included, perhaps a bit too much. This map really requires to be working together as a team. Zwergbau This is a interesting map. Zwergbau takes places in the ruines of a old city. There is plenty of vegetation and buildings to sneak up on your opponent and move unnoticed. After you've eliminated the enemies on the surface you'll need to go in some sort of mine. A lot of corridors and enemies make it very difficult to make your way through the mine. Even though you can respawn I had some difficulty in the mine. I found a few minor inconsistincies like the ability to walk through walls and some of the bots kept shooting at me 'through the wall' if you know what I mean. Other than that this map is really cool and definately worth to check out. The ruines seem to quiet and peaceful, until the firing begins! Use different moves and tactics before you get shot which of course is not a pretty thing. I liked how the ruines looked, they really look like old ruines, some of them are even crooked like the ground beneath them was kind of muddy. Dschungelfieber This map takes place on marshland in a rainy thunderstorm. In the Joint Ops base there are many helicopters and also some barrels with fire inside. There are several areas with trees and bushes to hide in throughout the map. You can try taking one of the many helicopters to the rebel base but if you do it is likely you will be blown up by one of their many missiles. The rebel base has many buildings and is surrounded on all sides by trees and bushes, again making it hard to land a helicopter near or launch an air attack. It does however present a good oportunity for a ground assault. There is lots of puddles in this map so make sure not to get your feet wet :). There is also some steep hills a little way off from the rebel base. As long as you keep moving fast you can kill some rebels without dying right away. Aside from the main two bases there isn't much else in the map to keep yourself amused, however the rebels seem to have strayed outside their base quite a bit. Broken Paradies You start at a base with some old houses inside some sort of encloseure. There are several walkways made out of planks of wood that will take you from roof to roof. If however you choose to go outside you will find that on the roof of the enclosure lies two buggies in which you can ride. If you go straight on and take a left you may find you are shortly dead either by the car exploding as you race too fast and find yourself upsidedown or by a sniper in his tower shooting you in the head. If you survive that you will find yourself in the first enemy base which contains some helicopters and you may encounter the odd enemy racing past in a car, there are also a few enemies on foot, one of which is on a walkway inside a barn with one of the helicopters. The next base is nearby and is heavily forified with several towers and walls in a castle like structure. If you decide to fly over you will most likely die within seconds. A careful planned attack with some teammate might be a better approach. Operation Strandburg Your initial spawn will take place on a nice little somewhat rusty ship in the middle of the ocean. The land can be reached by means of a speedboat. That's where you will need to capture several control points. Most of them are really not that hard to take but 2 of them were quite tricky. The bunker on top of the hill should be taken out with a sniper rifle. This is the most efficient way. The last control point is housed inside the big compound. Everything is surrounded by a wall, there's really no easy way in. Also a lot of guards are present to kill you if you do manage to get inside. Once again, a sniper rifle can easily be used to take out all the guards from a distance. Did notice some little errors like overlapping textures and some pilars stopped somewhere in the air instead of the ground. All in all, i'd say this is definately something worth to check out. I liked how everything was placed with a big mountain in the center. There are some shafts for you to use which provide a way through or should I say under the mountain to the other side. Be careful, you can get lost quite easily. Mokka Blue Starting behind some rubble and old chairs, you can continue down the path to a sort of tank. Behind this there is a gathering of enemies. Past them you can either go into a shed like structure or get to the armory further on and come back. Inside the 'shed' are a series of interconnecting tunnels and scattered enemy forces. Get used to these tunnels, you will be walking through them a lot unfortunately for you. At the end of the tunnels is objective point A which is a sort of mini base with enemy snipers towering above and around you. There is also a large amount of the previously mentioned tanks which are fun to blow up with a sachet charge if you're bored. I died several times here and had to restart at the beginning, which became annoying after a while. I hope you fair better, play with a team :). Freischuss On this map you are spawned inside of a tent. Outside is a civillian on his wooden boat, a car for you to drive, and a river. Lucky for you, you're car is a magic water vehicle, so hop in and head over the river. On this side of the river is a lot of enemy bots, some more civillians and some boats for you to get in. You can either drive or ride a boat over to objective A, personally I found driving easier. Watch out for a crazy guy with a rocket launcher who will start firing rapidly at you when you start to aproach objective A, he is hiding inside a boat next to a dock. The rest of the map is filled with trees, rivers and grass and a clear blue sky. [b]Overall the map pack is definately worth a download, have fun![/b]

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