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Warcraft III Frozen Throne Patch


FEATURES * 6 maps from our Bonus Map program including (4)Excavation Site, (2)Echo Isle, (6)Hinterland Raid, (6)Ruins of Stratholme, (8)Azeroth Grand Prix, (8)Extreme Candy Wars 2004.
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FIXES * Fixed a problem that caused Gargoyles to become stuck in Stone Form. * Fixed a problem with Dark Ritual or Death Pact leaving an unusable corpse. * Fixed a problem that caused a player\'s units to continue to harvest resources after they were dropped and no one has control of them. * Fixed a problem that allowed Ethereal units to take Physical damage from missiles that were in flight as they became Ethereal. * Fixed a problem that allowed Magic Immune units to take Magical damage from missiles that were in flight as they became Magic Immune. * Fixed a problem that allowed Unstable Concoction to kill the casting Batrider even after its target became Ethereal. * Fixed the visibility of the Flamestrike de-buff icon. * Fixed a problem with Defend not absorbing Piercing splash damage. * Fixed a problem with melee units with Incinerate not damaging any units that they would Incinerate. * Fixed a problem that caused Heroes holding items that increase their primary attribute to display an increase in their base damage on the info panel. Their actual damage was not affected. * Fixed a problem that allowed morphing units in their alternate form to retain their alternate form bonuses when killed by a Mana Flare when activating their alternate form. * Fixed a problem that allowed Destroyers to use Devour Magic on Watcher Wards. * Fixed a problem that prevented Watcher Wards from being revealed by the Dust of Appearance. * Fixed a problem that removed the Summoned state from Carrion Beetles when they burrow. * Fixed a problem with Metamorphosis and Chemical Rage that allowed the timer to remain active after the Hero had died. * Fixed a problem with Goblin Zeppelins being considered Undead instead of Mechanical in custom Reign of Chaos maps. MAPS * (6)River of Souls - Changes to allow AMM play. * (8)Crossroads - Fixed a grammatical error. BALANCE CHANGES Undead * Banshee build time has been reduced to 28 seconds from 35 seconds. Neutral * Drunken Haze movement reduction has been changed to increase by level. The new ranks are: 15% / 30% / 50% from the previous 50% / 50% / 50%. * Breath of Fire initial damage reduced to 65/125/170 from 65/130/175. * Tornado mana cost has been reduced to 200 mana from 250 mana. * Incinerate can now be turned on or off. When turned on, it consumes 6 mana per attack. It is otherwise unchanged. * Lava Spawns now require 15 attacks to replicate, up from 14. * Summon Quilbeast cooldown increased to 25 seconds from 20 seconds. * Summon Hawk mana cost increased to 50 mana from 35 mana. * Pocket factory hit points increased to 300/450/600 by level from 300/400/500. * Healing Spray effect per wave increased to 40/55/70 from 35/50/65 Items * Staff of Teleportation gold cost has been increased to 150 gold from 100 gold. WORLD EDITOR FEATURES Trigger Editor * Added new functions: o Environment: Terrain Pathability o Environment: Terrain Tile Type o Environment: Terrain Tile Variance o Floating Text: Permanent/Expires o Floating Text: Suspend/Resume o Floating Text: Change Position to Point o Floating Text: Change Position to Unit o Floating Text: Change Age o Floating Text: Change Lifespan o Floating Text: Change Fadepoint o Floating Text: Change Text o Game: Enable/Disable Selection (Functionality and/or UI) o Game: Enable/Disable Pre-Selection (Functionality and/or UI) o Game: Enable/Disable Drag-Selection (Functionality and/or UI) o Trigger: Get Trigger Name * Added new unit states: o Plagued o Snared o Stunned o Poisoned o Polymorphed o Sleeping o Resistant o Ethereal o Magic Immune * Lightning triggers now have their own category. * Lightning triggers now use the Z coordinate of the specified Location. * Custom Lightning triggers can now use an explicit Z coordinate. WORLD EDITOR FIXES * Fixed custom buff support for Black Arrow, Cloud of Fog, Inferno, Aerial Shackles, and Tornado. * Fixed multiple-level support for Shadowmeld. * Fixed Rain of Chaos\' order id.

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