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Far Cry

K9 Vision Mod


What started out as a simple compass and machete mod quickly turned into a 4-month, comprehensive modification of virtually EVERY element of Far Cry Single Player and Multiplayer Campaigns!
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Everything from weapon sounds to the pretty fishies in the water have been revamped or altered. This does not affect anything patch-related such as weapon balance, game speed, physics, etc. Think of it as a cosmetic face-lift for Far Cry! [b]Multiplayer:[/b] A COMPLETE overhaul of ALL existing textures (guns, vehicles, scopes, world detail) and key sounds (all player weapson, items, explosions, etc). I have also added a victory "ballad" (runtime ~15 secs) to every flag capture, adding a heightened level of tension after each "cap". The mod is compatible with all game types and all game patches (most importantly v1.31). New loadscreens have been included for ALL MP Assault maps, including the new ones from the official CryTek and Unofficial FC Community Packs! [b]Single Player Campaign:[/b] Virtually all world detail objects and textures have been revamped. In some cases, like rocks, flora and fauna, the details are mostly "cosmetic". In other cases, the vehicles such as the C130 and Humvee, details and textures have been vastly improved. Whereas traditional mods require being run from the 'MOD' menuscreen, K-9 Vision does not. The reasoning is two-fold: 1. Loading a mod from the 'Mod' menu requires Far Cry to restart - time consuming and if you try to go online, you will have to restart Far Cry AGAIN just to get on a server (since the server will most likely NOT be running the mod). 2. Traditional mods are NOT Multiplayer server compatible - unless a server is running the same mod that you are, you will NOT be able to get on. Rather, you will be prompted to REBOOT Far Cry and play at factory defaults. That is all fine and well, but as many of us have been playing FC for 6 months now, it WOULD be nice to spice multiplayer up a bit, thus... This mod runs straight from the Desktop (from the custom 'Wolf-Dog' icon I provided, if you choose). This method does not require a reboot, and also speeds up load time, as the Ubisoft, Crytek, and Sandbox Editor splash screens have been removed. You will now have the added benefit of new weapon skins, sounds, effects, and more during online gameplay. No more having to wait for a mod to catch on large enough so that a suitable number of servers have it running. Last time I checked, 100% of all servers are running standard Far Cry as the mod - so not much hope there. With K-9 Vision, however, you can jump on any server you like without having to worry about what mod the server is or isn't running. [b]Note:[/b] The recent troubles were caused by a bug in all AVG based virus-scanner versions, if you get a warning there is no need to worry, this file is clean!

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