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U.S.S Enterprise-D


Nice galaxy model of the uss enterprise D. This ship has a built in cloak. Heres the story of the uss enterprise Captain Picard is getting a hail from Admiral Blackwell, he must go to the
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starship Crazy Horse in sector 1607, to pick up a secret agent. When they are is sector 1607 Captain Picard transport the secret agent to the Enterprise. The secret agent is Amiral Pressman, the old Captain from Commander Riker. The Admiral will search his old starship the Pegasus who was destroyed 12 years ago, but the Romulans found it he says. The Captain was trying and testing there new weapons and engines because the pegasus was a prototype. When the Enterpise are in to the Devolin-System a Romulan Warbird is decloaking and hailing the Enterprise. It's Commander Sirol of te starship Terix. The Commander want to know what the Enterprise is doing but Captain Picard ask him the same quistion. When they know what the Enterprise is going to do they are going and search to the same sort of gas. But Captain Picard knows what the Romulans are searching for they ar looking for the Pegasus. When they found the ship in the astroid, Admiral Pressman orderd Captain Picard to fly with the Enterprise into the astroid to search the Pegasus. When the Admiral and Commander Riker are transport to engineering of the Pegasus, the Romulans are shooting on the astroid in the hope they capture the Enterprise and the Pegasus. When the admiral is finished on the Pegasus with commander Riker they go back to the Enterprise. Now the Enterprise is closed into the astroid, the crew are looking for any option to get out of the astroid. They don't know how to get out but Commander Riker knows how to get out, he told Captain Picard what Admiral Pressman did 12 years ago. Pressman whas trying a cloacking device 12 years ago on the Pegasus. Captain Picard has installed this cloacking device on the enterprise and he can fly out of the astroid because this was a special cloaking device. that's why the romulans not may find it at first place. After they are out of the astroid Captain Picard orded Lt.Worf to capture Admiral Pressman because he violate te traty of Algeron.

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