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Battlefield Vietnam

Destrucktion 0.3


ok i can start to begin were to start so ill drop the lis of modafacations. Latest features NEW! Global features - > - Enhanced bloodFX for large spray blood cloud. - Characters speed
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based on firepower is a little more balanced. - The M40 and the SVD sniper now fire AA ammunition. - New music created by Destrucktion_XL (Plz do not steal my music without permission, THANX) :) It will only work if all computers have the mod installed! - Strewn_Battlefield MP conquest level. Its still under development, but you can check it out.. NEW! US Allies Toys - > - Added scream to secondary fire for US Knife. - US snipers can now scream and throw their knife with secondary fire. - Thrown Knife will stick into objects. - M19 reskin and laser sight texture stretching fix. - M16 skin touchup. - M16 has scope added (non functional, for asctetics) - M79 Agent Orange grenade launcher added to US engineer kits. - Added gate dropping functionality to the Tango, you can now drive a jeep inside. - Much improved Tango driver control/ engine response. - Two forward machine gun positions added to Tango. - New MG position added to the PBR. - Co-Pilot seat and Co-Pilot controlled gatling guns added to the Huey Transport. - Load up troops on the Huey Transport, new position allows access to the inside space in the huey! Transport the wounded as well! (screenshot 20) NEW! NV,VC Toys - > - Screams and taunts when NV and VC throw their melee weapons (Plantation Knife, Machette) with secondary fire. - Thrown NV Melee weapons will stick into objects. - Fixed bouncing bug in flamethrower for NV rocket kit. Much more lethal now. - Dummy Bomb anti-personnal booby trap added to NV/VC engineer kit. - Plant Bombs added to some NV/VC assault and sniper kits. - Added stationary guns for the pilot primary fire of the MI8 Cargo. - Added grenade launcher for the co-pilot primary fire of the M18 Assault. - More rocket ammo for the MI8 Assault pilot. Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know I found a bug with my mod. I don't think it will affect most Multiplayer games (only COOP), because it has to do with AI for bots and the new passenger position I added to the HUEY Trans. Basically, if a bot gets into the new huey trans seat there is no way to take it from him or get him to get out. If you try to switch into his seat from another seat the game will crash.. The seat has no AI file and he will not shoot, or bail out from that position.. I found this out playing Op Irving, and the game crashed when I tried to take the seat from the bot.. LOL.. I think Irving is the only mission where the huey is automatically filled with bots at the start of the mission, so thats why I didn't have problems in operation gamewarden. In gamewarden (the level I originallly tested the mod with) the bots will should fill the new seat in the huey because they spawn to far away from it. SORRy for any inconvienence obviously, it was my first vehicle mod attempt adding a new position for a vehicle. (I think you can kill him and take his seat though.) I fixed this problem for future releases, and also found out how to get the AI to not be so stupid in the helicopters. In the next release, the copilots for both US Helis will fire upon just about ANYTHING that moves. Its really alot of fun for singleplayer, and will probly make coop more realistic, because they will use all the weapons now. I hope to add this AI to the NVA vehicles too, as well as more seats in the Assault and Huey. (they have all these empty seats. lol)

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