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Knights Templar Clan Map


Don\'t believe for a moment that a ton of screenshots mean that I think it\'s a good map. In this case, it just means there\'s a lot I want to show you and talk about. So I spawn on this platform
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and see some castle-like structure with some mismatched textures on it. I\'m already a bit disappointed, but I remind myself that this is a clan map. So I make my way to the front door and make note of the terrible lighting. In the main room is a large platform for dueling and it\'s not exactly practical because of the lighting. Okay, let me back up for a moment. Maybe the lighting isn\'t terrible. I don\'t really know if it is or not, technically. I just know I can\'t stand it. So then I find the room with the models that really don\'t belong there. And a brick wall with a floor that just doesn\'t work together. Aha! The yellow lighted area signals there\'s a room downstairs. So I follow the really, really, really narrow staircase down to a bar. Now, why is there a screenshot of this picture of Nirvana? Nirvana is a big influence in this map. So I thought I\'d point that out. I\'d also like to point out that they\'re all smiling. Which just seems to be a contradiction to me. Grunge and happy grins. Weird. Anyway ... surprise, surprise ... bedrooms for clan members! What I love is that one guy has a heart-shaped bed in his room. LOL There\'s a room downstairs that\'s a bathroom, but it\'s quite ... celebrated, as you can see. Apparently there\'s a sound attached to it, but I didn\'t listen to it. Totally not interested. Then there\'s a huge room that\'s like, one big pool. Outside there\'s a fountain and like, some really bright grass. And nothing more, really. Maybe I missed something. Maybe there\'s something greater here that I overlooked. I don\'t think so though. On top of all of that, there\'s some z-fighting. In the readme, the authors say that if people like this map, there will be a version 2. That\'s kinda silly. I\'d say that if people don\'t like this map, you should revisit it and make a second version. And if my opinion means anything at all, get to work on that second version. Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA ~AmosMagee

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