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Half-Life 2 Bullsquid Mod


[b]Installation:[/b] Unzip \"Squidmod\" to sourcemods and double click \"squidmod\" in thirdparty games. [b]How to use:[/b] When ingame, press F1 to spawn a bullsquid, The squid will choose
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its priorities for each target, for example, if the squid is attacking a player when an Antlion guard shows up, the squid will go and attack the guard (Guard will win though) If the \'F1\' key isn\'t to your liking, type \'bind \"npc_create npc_bullsquid\" into the console Sometimes, the squids health and damage will reset, if this occurs, goto the console and type exec squid to set its default values back. This also applies for Houndeyes. [b]New additions:[/b] ->Player usable Stunstick - Use \"give weapon_stunstick\" or impulse 101 to get it. ->Super grav gun command - Type Impulse 12 in the console to enable the super grav gun. ->Basic Assassin - After using the npc_create_equipment command, Press F3 to spawn a Female Assassin (HL1 model) She has pretty basic AI, a weird red light at her feet and the chosen weapon on her waist. Will hopefully be fixed next version to a better standard. ->Houndeyes - Using the HL1 model/textures and sounds. Only a temporary model for now but it has ragdolls. ->How to get a Houndeye? Press \'F2\' to spawn one, you can also type \"npc_create npc_houndeye\" in the console to obtain one. The Houndeye will try to flank its prey by zigzagging to the left or right of the target, if there is a group of 3 or more, one will take the left flank and one will take the right flank and the final one will act as a \'sitting duck\' to distract its target. [b]Known bugs:[/b] Death sounds dont work, but all the rest do. When the squid spits, it shows green spit in a black box. Yet to be fixed. Squid Spit doesn\'t work. Hopefully fixed in beta 3. You cant see the shockwave from Houndeyes, this was causing a crash. Hopefully fixed in beta 3. With the super grav gun command enabled, killing things with any other weapon will cause them to dissapear. Assassin...where to begin...missing animation, weapons, bugs etc. Hopefully fixed in a later version. Main menu elements missing, as a temp fix, load maps from the console. Squid appearing as a red \'Error\' model. Not saw this first hand so I dont know if its a one off or a full bug. Please report any other bugs, comments or suggestions to the above email. [b]Next version?[/b] Possible working Tripmine Thirdperson Player model and view to allow player camera views. Hammer FGD file with New items included. (Squids, Hounds etc) Working Assassin? No promises. Working Stalker. Working Synth. [b]Thanks to:[/b] VALVe for leaving the code well intact and easy to understand. Angry-Lawyer for helping me out over at VERC, couldn\'t have got this far without your help on classes/Anim events and much more. To everyone who has supported Beta 1 by sending emails/bug reports.

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