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Lugormod 1.0


Rink\'s review of the previous version of Lugormod: [quote] I\'m sure alot of you have played on a Lugormod server, I have and it can be a blast. Lugor has updated his mod again and he has also
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said a documentation will come in version one so rejoice! But you\'re new to Lugormod and you\'re not sure exactly what it does? I believe I\'ve explained it all before in a previous review, It\'s good and all but it\'s \'work things out for yourself\' kinda thing, you can basically do anything with the mod, ranging from FFA to Role Playing. Things like \'King\' and admins being able to spawn things etc. Bot\'s are more intelligent, ask YOU to duel and saying.. strange things. You have to try it before you judge it, but I recommend if you\'re going to play it, to play it on a Lugormod server first to see how it works etc. Without a explanation I probably didn’t find half the stuff it can do.[/quote] So it seems the biggest complaint has to be that the mod didn\'t come with documentation. So you have no clue what you can or can\'t do with this mod. Though it seems to me that you can do just about anything with this mod. It\'s very versatile, it seems. And I love the \"AI\" of the bots. There are new features, a new gametype (though still in beta) and a bunch of other stuff. [quote] * The bots should be more of a challenge in duels than the original ones.* The bots can answer if you talk to them.* If you set bot_honorableduelacceptance, the bots will not only accept duels, but also challenge other players to duels. They will also behave better (they won\'t \"lame\" unless provoked).* I\'ve made the game more compatible with single player maps.* As administrator you can place new spawn points for weapons, items, npc\'s and more on the map, and have your changes load with the map.* Alt fire of the stun baton is a grappling hook.* The bryar pistol is a teleporter gun.* You can play the jedi master and capture the Ysalamiri game types.* I\'ve added a new game type (g_gametype 10) called Battle Ground (beta)* Players can register their nick name so that noone else can use it.[/quote] Check it out! ~AmosMagee

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