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Operation Flashpoint

AH-64D Apache Longbow


Both helicopters are listed under \"WEST>MAS Helicopters\" and \"EMPTY>MAS Helicopters\". Additionally, the crashed meshes are availible under \"EMPTY>MAS Helicopters\" as well. There\'s also a
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simple landing pad under \"EMPTY>MAS Objects\", although use of this object in a mission is not required. There are two versions of the helicopter availible: the AH-64D Apache Longbow with Radar, and AH-64D No Radar Apache. The AH-64D NR has a maximum targeting range for IR targets out to 2km, while the AH-64D can see targets from out to 8km. Both versions are by default equipped with 8 AGM-114L Longbow Hellfires, two M261 19 shot 2.75in High Explosive Rockets, Four AIM-92 Stinger missiles, a M230 30mm \"Chaingun\" Cannon, and a laser designator. When either helicopter approaches a ammo truck, they must stop and land in order to change armament. Possible loadout options include removeal or addition of Stingers on the wingtips, 4xM261 pods for a total of 76 rockets, 16xAGM-114L Hellfires, or the default armament of 2xM261 pods and 8xHellfire. Additionally, if Fire Extinguishers have been spent in the mission, you can reload the fire bottles nearby ammo trucks. Select loadout from the Action Menu. When the helicopter reaches a certain damage point, the helicopter will spiral out of control and crash. If the helicopter crashes at any time, it is replaced by a crashed vehicle and the dead helicopter is removed. Because of the unique way this system works, it is recommended to preload empty AH-64 crashes on some out of the way area on the map, to avoid stutters when the crash script activates. If the helicopter takes a very heavy hit (from a missile, rocket or heavy damage weapon), there is a chance of a critical hit. Critical hits affect how the helicopter functions and how well it flies. Most first level damage (shown as MARG on the systems MFD) is otherwise nothing to be worried about, but the more hits you take, the more likely a critical hit will cause a complete chopper failure. When damage of the helicopter reaches a certain point, the chances of a failure greatly increase. A cannon failure will render the cannon inoperable, while a engine failure will cause the helicopter to start draining fuel at a faster rate. A tail rotor failure spirals the helicopter out of control. Wing failures can cause wing mounted weapons to become inoperable. As damage gets very heavy, there becomes a chance for a engine fire - when this happens, you must be VERY quick to activate fire extinguishers to put the fire(s) out. Failure to do so will result in the helicopter\'s destruction. Note that you can only use fire extinguishers once before requiring the fire bottles to be replaced. There are other failures that can occur, but the basic ones are described above. Both the pilot and the gunner have MFD options. For the gunner, the left MFD displays armament, map, TADS, and Radar - it defaults to armament. The right MFD can display Radar, map, TADS, and systems - default is Radar. The pilot left MFD can display engine information, systems, map, and TADS. The right MFD can display flight information, map, TADS and system.

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