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Operation Flashpoint



Thats right! OFP is going after HL2. Gigan made this sweet little addon. Its a gravity gun where the laws of nature are twisted into something totally sweet There are three
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modes:-Lite -Powerful -Uber Ultimate [quote] If it continues firing a Gravity Gun towards object, Object can be drawn near to the point (Gravity Point) of about 10m beyond from a muzzle of a gun. Range which gravity attains to is the range of a Gravity Point to 10m radius. When it draws near within the limits of it and there are two or more possible objects, power attains to the nearest object from a Gravity Point. Gravity Gun has the two modes, Normal Mode and Combat Mode. It can change to Combat Mode by choosing \"Combat Mode ON\" from Action Menu. If it shifts to Combat Mode, Object can be drawn near to this side of player, and Gravity Gun will shift to Lock State with sound peep. If firing of Gravity Gun is stopped after shifting to Lock State, locked object can be ahead flown with sufficient vigor. - Feature of three units - - Gravity Gun Man (Lite) Object which can be drawn near is only flammable drum (Fuel Drum). In order that there may be no search processing of object, processing is lightest and operation is light. - Gravity Gun Man (Powerful) Object which can be drawn near is all vehicles of Car Attribute and flammable drum (Fuel Drum). Since there is search processing of object, Normal Mode and processing until it shifts to Lock State in Battle Mode are heavy, and operation is heavy. Since amount of processings after shifting to Lock State is the same as the Lite version, operation is light. - Gravity Gun Man (Ultimate) Object which can be drawn near is all vehicles of Car Attribute and flammable drum (Fuel Drum) as same Powerful version. Difference from Powerful version is that effect to which chain of light is extended toward target object from muzzle of gun is added. Although it is advantage that it turns out clearly which object power has attained to when Gravity Gun is used in the place where it is crowded with objects, since very heavy processing is performed, operation is heavy most. If it shifts to Lock State, effect will stop. - Feature of additional objects - - Fuel Drum It is flammable drum. It can draw near by Gravity Gun. If flammable drum flown by Gravity Gun collides with wall or ground speed more than fixed, it will explode. Moreover, since Collision and Hit Point are set up, even if it gives damage with the usual rifle etc., it explodes. Vehicles can supply fuel. - Problem - - Processing which shifts to Lock State in Combat Mode Since it has realized by method of receiving influence in Script File which may change by height of the processing speed in game, and execution timing of trigger considerably, depending on height of processing speed, Lock may not be made at all or it may generate in multiplex. - Effect range without directivity Oobject which is not meant can draw near in place where it draws near and is crowded with possible objects. - Future schedule - - Directivity is given to effect range [/quote]

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