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SilverStar\'s Jedi Academy


So, I\'ll get the worst parts about this map out of the way first. The textures are WAY too repetitive, there\'s no bot support, no new textures and no new music, and there are a lot of old, tired
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and used ideas here. That said, there are a lot of original ideas here and they were executed well. In the first screenshot you see the main room of this Academy map. It\'s small and probably not intended for FFAing in, but it can be done. The first room is a basic Jedi dojo. The next room is the equivelent of that one room in the Jedi Academy map we all love - y\'know, the chess board like one. Finally, a more original room here. An area filled with pillars. I always wondered why no one did this. Having those large pillars as obstacles seems obvious to me in a training map. And the last room for upstairs is one that follows the same pattern of the other Academy maps, with a platform above a big grid patterned floor. All rooms have a spectators area around the room. Downstairs you\'ll find a room (think I\'ve said room enough now?) full of pillars that you jump to and fro - much like that one room in Griffinclaw\'s Jedi Council map. The lighting in this room sucks. Though that may have been intentional to make the jumping harder. The next screenshot shows a pool of water and a big bridge across it. At first I thought this was very cool, until I realized that the bridge does have glass there in the center. That was disappointing. Would\'ve been fun to try to duel on just the ledges. *shrug* My favorite room has to be this one with water underneath this grid of small platforms. That\'s gotta be fun to duel on. And then there\'s another room with some various platforms and stuff. Not a bad map, but not the best. It\'d probably be a good staple for those of you who like to add Academy maps to your server. Always nice to see JK2 files. :D Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Music: No Game Types: FFA, TFFA ~AmosMagee

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