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Star Wars: Battlefront

Jorge Fonsecas Test Map


A very poorly designed map. No, this isn\'t just exaggeration either. 3 spawn points, 2 for Rebel, 1 for empire. Some starfighters and a bunch of supersize static objects give this level quite an
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odd feel.\'s raining in the middle of the desert. [b]Review[/b]: Ok, I am first going to say that this map is OK. OK, as in, it\'s alright, it\'s good for a beginner. However, it has ALOT of problems and ALOT of things that we should have been seeing in maps right after the tools were released, but not this long after. First of all, you have 3 bases, 2 rebel, 1 empire. Each side has one starfighter and no other vehicles, making it a close quarters ground battle for most of the game. Behind the rebel base lies a giant starship...that\'s kind of cool. But above that is a HUGE airship, and I mean HUGE. This was not remodeled, but rather the mesh size seems to have been increased. It looks very ominous looming over the base like it is. The map has a TON of broken land segments. Watch your step, I fell through the level on numerous occasions and I was not too happy, considering the fact that I was trying to kill the enemy. There are also a number of oddities that just don\'t make sence. First of all, it\'s the middle of the desert, and it\'s raining like cats and dogs. Secondly, there is a hoth ice tunnel to the left of the empire base, however...we are once again in the middle of the desert. Where is the ice coming from?! The readme also states that there are new vehicles, none of which I saw. The textures seemed to be the same as found in other maps that were made by the community also. Now I do understand that this is only a \"test\" map. But to Jorge, I highly suggest that next time you release a map, you make sure that you test it as well :) This is certainly not the best work or material I have ever seen, so you guys may download as you wish. *Todays Reviewer* - [b]AndrewD[/b] (

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