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LoE Headquarters


Where oh where to begin? Mmkay, first and foremost, I should point out that this is a beta map. And quite obviously, a first for this mapping dude. I\'ll try - desperately - to remember that while
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reviewing this file. Take a look at the first three screenshots there. The sharp black ... THING ... just showed up out of nowhere. And only at certain angles. It totally just sneaked up behind me, I turned around to try to catch it and suddenly it was on the other side. Sneaky little black ... thing. I tried to get away from it by flying off into the sorbet-colored sky - only to find that black monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey following me. I assure you though, as cool as that monolith is, none of this was intentional for this map. So I went back to the main room and took some screenshots of the pink carpet. Yes, pink. As female as I am, I would NEVER have pink carpet. Well, I might. But I wouldn\'t admit it. Besides, this carpet here is just TOO pink. Oh look! A dojo. Now THERE\'S a novel idea. I mean, I can\'t think of one, let alone 27 other maps that have a dojo in them! And what clan map is complete without a bar!? Not just a bar, but a bar with a clever little menu thing. Sorry, this is just sooooo 2 years ago, y\'know? Let\'s see something a little more interesting added to maps. Oh wait! What\'s that I hear? A Rancor? YES! Because this map needs one. Now, how the heck do I get to it? After several seconds (I\'m not exactly patient while testing files) of searching for a button, a door, SOMETHING, I gave up and no-clipped. And yes, there\'s a large room, with NOTHING save a very hungry Rancor. There was this other room that looked promising. A hallway with torches. A large door with a crystal above it. And inside? Sparklies! And a large white gap where there should\'ve been a wall! Meh. Not surprisingly, there\'s a council room with a fire. Best part about this council room is the hot tub. Or whatever this room is. Maybe it\'s like, the rec room or something. Ah yes, then we have the Element rooms. Each element gets a section of their own. I only took screenshots of the Earth Elements headquarters. Because every other area is EXACTLY the same, just with different colors. Finally, we\'re back to where I began - with the creepy black things that were stalking me. This room looks as though a robot threw up in here. There is such thing as overdoing it with the tech-y/industrial look. Don\'t let the CTF flags throw you - this map has no CTF support. They\'re just kinda, there. I should also mention the lighting - or would it be lack thereof? The whole map seemed either not lit at all, or too dark with just one spotlight here and there. I apologize if I was too harsh with this map, but what\'s the one lesson I teach more often than not? Never send me your beta map. Not to be reviewed and posted on our site. If your map is still in beta, there WILL be issues. And what\'s the point of giving the public a buggy, unbalanced map? Maybe you\'re looking for some feedback and/or advice. That\'s what beta testers are for. I\'d say it\'s not a bad concept that you have here, except that it\'s a tired concept and was not executed well. My advice/suggestion/feedback for you would be: back to the drawing board and get some beta testers. Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA ~AmosMagee

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