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Balance & Bug Fix


CHANGES MADE IN VERSION 02 (for cumulative changes just skip to the next section) (02) Rangers: All Rangers get infiltration ability by default. It is silly to have a research for a squad you only
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plan to have 1 or 2 of. (02) Taking into account the Ork Mob Bug I have reduced the mob values required until I or someone else figures out how to fix the Ork Mob Bug. I have reduced the required mob values by 20% for each level of bonus and increased the search radius by 5. So now the level 1 bonuses are acquired by having 12 population of orks in radius 20, level 2 bonuses by having 24 population in radius 25, and level 3 bonuses by having 40 population in radius 30. Orks will now easily obtain mob bonuses when they first charge out of their base, but quickly lose them when sustaining casualties and will not regain them by reinforcing, they have to regroup in the base and pop in and out of a building to regain them. Perhaps this will encourage more mob ork armies rather than mechanized rushes. =\\ (02) Fixed Eldar Seer Council WitchBlade Upgrading (minor typo in last balance change) (02) Fixed FirePrism Jumping (major bug in last balance change) (02) Warlock Power Weapon upgrades now costs 70/40 and takes 45 seconds, in line with SM and CSM leader melee upgrades. Previously it cost 150/100 and took 60 seconds. (02) Warlock WitchBlade upgrade now costs 70/40. Previously it cost 20/30. (02) Eldar Commander Veterancy Upgrades now give +100hp to members of the Seer Council. (reduced Seer Council hit points back to 500hp as it was previously and cost further lowered to 80/35). (02) Weaken Resolve now completely disables squad morale regeneration. (02) Weaken Resolve now has no prerequisites (previously required word of the emperor research and tier 3 upgrade). (02) Rhino Smoke Launchers are included as default on Rhinos (no research required). Cooldown halved to 60 seconds, previously 120. (02) Rhino Vehicle Cap consumed is 1 instead of 2. (02) Chaos Rhino Smoke Launchers are included as default on Rhinos (no research required). Cooldown halved to 45 seconds, previously 90. (02) Chaos Rhino Vehicle Cap consumed is 1 instead of 2.

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