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Half-Life 2 Revolters V1.01 TDM Map


[b]STORY:[/b] \"The Rebels leading the Revolt, or the \"Heart of the Revolters\", are located in Precinct 15. The Combines were informed of their presence and ordered to \"disinfect\" Precinct 15.
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In the first attack wave, the Combines, while severely beaten by the Rebels, managed to capture Alyx and took her back in their base. It\'s a matter of time before she gets judged and the Combines send new armored vehicles. The Revolters must bring Alyx back to the HQ, teleport her to Kleiner\'s lab and get the hell out of Precinct 15. Protecting the HQ Control Room is a priority until Rebels can escape. You can bet destroying the Control Room is what the Combines are aiming for.\" [b]REAL MISSION OBJECTIVES:[/b] You play just like it\'s a HL2 campaign, but it\'s online with your buddies! Play as Rebels or Combines; the strategies and objectives are different: -Combines objectives: 1- Reach and unlock the Precinct 15 sector door to gain access to the Rebels area. 2- Blowup the Rebels weapons truck hidden behind the Rebel HQ to cut-off their heavy armament supplies. 3- Destroy the Control Room inside the HQ to destroy the whole place. -Rebels objectives: 1- Prevent the Combines from reaching the sector door. 2- Defend the weapons truck and most importantly the Control Room. 3- Deliver Alyx, \"frozen\" and held in the Combines base and bring her back to the HQ to teleport her back to Kleiner\'s lab. [b]KEY FEATURES:[/b] -Rebels vs. Combine theme: just like the original story, both in gameplay and visual quality. -Rebels and Combines start with different weapons. -Real-time changing weather. \"It\'s a rainy day... Yeah the sun will shine...\" -Deadly floor turrets: only gravgun holders can place them, but everybody can feed them. Beware! -Immersive audio ambience that changes depending on the events of the battle. -Optional objective: Combines don\'t have to blowup the Rebels truck, but if they don\'t, they\'re either REALLY good or plain lucky if they win! -Many more cool things to discover. [b]V1.01 CHANGELOG:[/b] -Problematic spawning barrels on the Sector door - fixed! -Combines spawning with Rebels weapons sometimes - fixed! -Made Alyx\'s cryogenic cage smaller and easier to carry. (but nonetheless as comfortable for her don\'t worry...) -Park benches can now be thrown! :) -Turrets less agressive but as deadly as before. (can\'t control their damage) -Made HQ front doors easier to enter/exit. -Rain ambient sound added. It stops when the rain stops. (like previously planned but ditched for deadline reasons) -Removed razortrain for better net performance. (tears) -Removed barrels inside HQ. -Fixed some cubemaps: outside buildings have better windows reflections. -Slightly optimised visual performance in some areas. -Changed the location of the ar2 alt ammo. Will you find it? Enjoy \"Heart of the Revolters\" and see you online! Feel free to post any comments below!

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