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Three Kings


Three Kings is a Medium-large-sized ( 256 x 1024 ) map for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War meant to be played by six players divided into two teams or by some number of players versus some number of
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computer-controlled opponents totalling six divided into two teams :). Four critical objectives are all placed in the middle of the map, each denoting the securing of a vital dias in the mysterious castle-esque artifact that rises out of the whirling desert sands. Critical Objectives at each end of the map hint to players that one might want to watch their back when playing against extra sneaky oppositional forces. Sometimes you can win the battle but lose the war. Bases start somewhere between the middle of the end of the map and the castle-esque artifact with strategic points both fore and aft of the base. Auto-Teams will team both short sides against each other. See the Map Icon in the game setup screen for base locations (it\'s really small because the map is so long, but you can get the general layout from a glance at the map). There are a total of five relics on the map, two placed at the very back of each side of the map that protect the critical location and provide the rear guard for the bases. During team play, the three allies will have to choose which two get relics and which one takes the critical objective for fairness sake. If you play with AI teammates, make sure you get your fair share, because the AI is generally greedy when it comes to resource points (on the other hand, enemy AI will share and share alike, it\'s so unfair!). The lone relic that sits in the middle of the castle-esque artifact rising out of the shifting sands is up for grabs. It can be the third relic for the teammate who chooses to not take one of the two at the rear. It will be a point of contention throughout the game. Control Points placed at strategic locations atop the ramps and below them help to secure the fortress. Personally, I think of control points figuratively, perhaps no more than simple communications stations that rest upon the sand having been orbital dropped just before the engagement from starships orbiting the planet where leaders see the battle only as blips on a vidscreen. They drop these points as references for their forces: Take these points and be rewarded. Lose them and we will abandon you to grisly deaths alone on an alien world facing your enemies without support, without hope. Do not fail us. There is a rather odd thread in the Relic News Dawn of War Maproom forum where this map was discussed. If you want to read me having a nervous breakdown and more about why I like this map and hate it at the same time, point your browser there. ( ) Suggest playing with Take & Hold (highly encouraged), Control Area (if you start losing here, start ordering bodybags) and Annihilate if you have to (I just don\'t like it, my personal opinion). Other game modes may or may not work very well in this setting such as Destroy HQ and Assassinate because each player\'s main base is not well-defended and attacks can come from any direction. Your only support is that which comes from your team mates and they\'ll be looking for the same from you.

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