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Daemonhunters (Exclusive)


Highlights: - Officio Assassinorum (Vindicare, Culexus, Callidus and Eversor Assassins) - We had a complete code review on all GK and Cadian/Inquisitorial researches. We now guarantee that these
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researches are useful and worth the costs and to give you a hint, they are now a “must have” for all of you. - Explanation of the new Tech-Tree. We decided to create our own tech-tree and don’t stick to the Space Marines tech-tree as we did in the previous releases. This will be a lot of fun, once you worked out, how to use it. In order to help you, to get familiar to it, we ship a tech-tree description. - Problems to survive the first waves of enemy forces has been addressed and in our judgment been solved. New Units/Features: - Honourable Inquisitor’s Familiar Grants the psychic power “Smite” to it’s master, as long as the familiar is still alive. Has no ranged weapons, only very basic close combat abilities - Officio Assassinorum – new building where you can recruit: Vindicare, Culexus, Callidus and Eversor Assassins. - New textures for: GK Dreadnought, GK Land Raider, Rhino, Thunderhawk - Capture points now will show the Inquisitorial banners - Inquisitorial Storm troopers and Inducted Cadian Platoons now have a squad leader upgrade (Veteran Sergeant – who can be equipped with Melta-Bombs) - Inquisitorial Storm troopers can be equipped with Frag Genades Changes: - squad_cap_usage for Inquisitorial henchman has been set to 1 instead of 2, thus more units will be available without costly upgrades (i.e. Squad Increase) - new unit “Honourable Inquisitor’s Henchman” 4-9, with the Familiar as squad leader upgrade - Call-upon “global” upgrades in the HQ Thunderhawk have been removed. They were introduced, in order to establish mutually exclusive conditions. But it seems that this feature is not supported by the DoW engine – even if there are hints in the code itself .. new use: build the desired building and recruit the available units - We got complains that we offer to much researches and that they are kind of confusion. To ease this flaw we provide a detailed tech-tree description and made some researches automatically they will be available as soon as the needed tier level is reached via HQ upgrade. - Inquisitorial Storm troopers and Inducted Cadian Platoon are now automatically equipped with frag-grenades as you reach tier level 1. (the cost have been added to the HQ upgrade) - Cadian Veteran Sergeant and Justicar are now automatically equipped with melta-bomb as you reach tier level 2. (the cost have been added to the HQ upgrade) - GK had access to frag-grenades, well they shouldn’t so this ability was removed - New icons to meet our CI - Inquisitorial Henchman – Skull Probe don’t suffer the HPs loss any more, but therefore does no longer posses the sabotage ability. They will merely add to the attached units sight radius – very good feature for long rang weapon teams. - Researches for the GK vehicles were too powerful. They have been split into level 1 and 2 with less overall “impact”. - Honourable Inquisitor should have been a command unit, but did not have this armour type and thus was very vulnerable to most other enemy units. Now he possesses the better armour value and also gained 100 HPs. This should help you to survive the first enemy waves till Grey Knights are available. - The Psychic Power Smite – granted through the presence of a familiar – increases the power of the Honourable Inquisitor furthermore.

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