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Call of Duty

Speed DeatchMatch


Ok, this is basically what this mod does: [quote]-+[ Information ]+- -There are two power-ups in play at all times. They are represented by "A" and "B" on the compass. If a power-up is taken,
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it will promptly respawn at a random location in the available 'pool'. The pool is made up of radio spawn points from Headquarters mode. -Players always spawn with a normal run speed of 190 units. Collect power-ups to increase your speed by 25 units. If your speed exceeds 290 at any time during the game, a random musical excerpt (there are 3 available) is chosen and loop-played on you until you die. It acts as a handicap, since players around you will be able to hear you often times before you can hear or see them yourself. If your speed exceeds 390 at any time during the game, dust will fly up and car sounds will play whenever you run in addition to the music constantly playing around you. This, again, acts as a handicap to alert players of your position; they'll need all the help they can get when you're zooming around at speed 390! -Killing a player with a higher run speed pays off! -If a player is alone in a server, he may collect as many power-ups as he wishes and subsequently massively increase his run speed without worry. This would be cheating, of course. As a countermeasure, if player A is alone on a server with an illegitimately-increased speed when a second player joins, SDM will automatically reset the first player's speed to the normal value of 190 to make the game fair for both players. -If player A bashes player B, player A can steal up to 50 of player B's speed*. -Sustaining damage from a fall costs not only life but also a small amount of speed (half the damage the player took from the fall)†. *Because a player's run speed will never be allowed to fall below 190, player A may not be able to collect 50 (or any) speed in this case. †Because a player's run speed will never be allowed to fall below 190, sustaining fall damage may not take away any speed.[/quote]

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