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Unreal Tournament 2004

UT: XMP Patch Windows Install


Requires:;34239 [quote] Bug Fixes * Mantling if there\'s a ceiling above player * Mantling on BSP * Accessed
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nones related to DrawCustomBeacon * Accessed nones related to GetTeam * Accessed nones related to TeamMessage * Accessed nones related to AreSupplyPacksOnline * Accessed nones related to AllowFire * Don\'t draw driver\'s player name if in vehicle turret * Possible fix for Ninja Enemy Team Members Spawning In The Wrong Base (tm) * Possible fix for server lag spikes -- fixed UpdateDeployableCost accessed nones * Possible fix for players moving around after game end * Possible fix for Cloning Machines * DefaultFemaleAnnouncerA.RedCritical error * DefaultFemaleAnnouncerA.BlueCritical error * XMPArtifact Timer() polling in net games -- artifacts return after 25s * SetKillerController call on deployed XMPMineBase actors -- get points for destroying them * Headshot implemented * Errors related to vehicle_driving * Vehicle stamina replenishment on ClientKDriverEnter * 0.15s delay for Rocket Launcher AltFire lock * ServerUse call by dead players * Roundhouse Turret proxy removal while dead * Bugs related to XMPScoreKeeper * ServerChangeTeam call when rejoining game from spectating * ServerChangeTeam call when switching team in state WaitingToDeploy * NotifyDeployPointHacked call while player is alive * No Vehicle turret fire when out of energy * No Raptor boost effect when out of energy * Force wall energy drainig for appropriate team * Feature shutdown when below energy threshold * 3rd person pawn animation for assault rifle * Weapon fire spread calculation * Endgame accessed none related to controller selection * Resupply adds online weapons not already in inventory * Phantom force walls * Spectating HUD showing at odd times * Possible fix for Team select menu staying on-screen * Possible fix for Class select menu staying on-screen * Rocket launcher paint sounds * HUD opacity setting affecting concussion grenade whiteout * Vehicle turret view tilting after prolonged firing * Artifact particle effect display * Manned turret explosions online * Flamethrower effect while reloading * Resupply * NextWeapon/PrevWeapon selection through inventorygroup Changes * Login menu not displayed * Kill messages XMP style -- Changed all DamageType classes * Say/TeamSay messages XMP Style * Reverted to UT2004 Team Beacons with longer range * Time remaining countdown * Removed UT2K4 end game annoucements * MVP Screen on game end * XMP EndGame announcements (energy, artifacts, timer) * Show carrying artifact message * Shotgun and AR spread calculated in spherical coordinates rather than rectangular * Added XMP\'s Vehicular Manslaughter voice message * Added XMP\'s MonsterKill voice message * Tripmine triggers if laser HitLocation changes * Increased range for Sniper Rifle * Decreased range for Assault Rifle, Shotgun Primary, and Pistol * Semiautomatic pistol, max firing rate 1 shot/0.2s * Shortened tracer lifespan * Support for custom crosshairs as in UT2004 (except for RocketLauncher) * PreMatchWait and RespawnDelaySeconds options in game settings page * AR altfire projectile flak spawns in a pentagram * Vehicle entry radii adjusted. * \"Get in the vehicle!\" voice message on AltFire in vehicle * Removed regular HUD for spectators * Added UT2004 spectating HUD for spectators * Location on HUD shows location of deploypoint currently being viewed instead of the location of locked deploypoint * Location via XMPLandmark updated from server and stored to GRI * PreMatchWait * Residual momentum from concussion blast * Keltare\'s XMP Crosshair pack integrated -- original crosshairs by Legend Ent * Defaulted all weapons to XMP crosshairs * Weapon settings stored in UTXMPUser.ini instead of UTXMP.ini * Show artifact carrier on radar if camping * XMP sound for Say message * XMP sound for TeamSay messages * XMP sound for Juggernaut projectile explosion * XMP sound for mine explosion * XMP sound for vehicle explosion * Notify sound for energy status messages * Automatically bind several UT:XMP specific aliases to their default keys if not bound. * Vehicle and Manned Turret rotation rate constraints * Random class selection for bots * Techs can pick up more than default number of deployables * Reduced Raptor wheel friction while braking Maps XMP-Rampant * Proper tags for TeamMesh Actors * Minor pathnode connections * Terrain visibility in Artifact Bases XMP-CrashFlight * Blocking Volumes added to \'Green Wing\' StaticMesh on Red Artifact Base XMP-Alcazar * Minor Pathnode connections * Proper collision for \'Spire\' StaticMesh added * DamageCausing Volume removed from clouds * JumpPads in tubes instead of physics volume * Increase in terminal velocity for proper JumpPad operation XMP-NaKoja * Terrain visibility in Generator rooms * Forced paths on U2JumpPad to PathNodes for bot usage Proper collision for \'Rock\' StaticMeshes added. Affects maps * XMP-MurkyWoods * XMP-ValleyOfApes * XMP-Wonderwoods [/quote]

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