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Unreal Tournament 2004

CTC-UT Map Pack Volume 2


[quote] The CTC Mappack was started on 2 February 2004. With the upcoming release of Unreal Tournament 2004, the original Unreal Tournament was going die a slow death. We could not, and still
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can\'t say goodbye to the game that has been so much fun for us, and perhaps even for you. Words can\'t describe this game for us. All of the sudden a new thread popped-up at UnrealPlayground, in the Leveldesign section. \"Farewell to Unreal Tournament Classic map pack?\". The thread started by Brandon \'SuddenImpact\' Landis was about making a mappack for Unreal Tournament, and say goodbye to Unreal Tournament with that mappack. The idea was welcomed by many veterans, and we all started building one or more maps for the mappack. There was only one problem, the name. Community Farewell Classic, with the tag CFC. Many of us couldn\'t accept the \"Farewell\", the die-hard Unreal Tournament fans weren\'t going to stop after this mappack. A proposal was made to change the Farewell into Tribute. It was accepted and everyone was happy again. By this time Brandon \'SuddenImpact\' Landis disappeared. He didn\'t post anything anymore, it was just as if he disappeared from our planet. From then on Flying_Killer (or Flying, how you like to call him) continued the mappack. With the upcoming releasedate we started to contact BeyondUnreal, sending them pictures and updates about the mappack. People were happy to see that there was an upcoming mappack with some quality work. Then finally it was there, but there was a disappointment. A lot of maps weren\'t completed yet, and people didn\'t want to release a half-finished map. From that moment on the descission was made to build a volume 2. A release date was set for the volume 2, and the volume was released. It was accepted by many people, and many people were happy with it, although it only contained 6 maps. This day, the day I (Flying) am typing this, the release is only hours away and many mappers are working hard to finish just that last 5% of their map. The mappack has grown out to be a mappack with many maps, featuring many gametypes and many authors! Maps: ----- AS-CTC-Dimension - Francis \"Fritz-X\" De Block and Joe \'Professor\' Hall AS-CTC-Midnightprophecy - Tex \"TexasGtar\" Brown and Joe \'Professor\' Hall CTF-CTC-2fast2furious - Patrick \'KillRoy\' Buijs CTF-CTC-BT-A1breakout - Nick \'niX°bl\' Pigalov CTF-CTC-DeathScape - Ronald \'Phant00m\' Houtermans CTF-CTC-Inurbanity - Yanick \'CyberSirius\' Létourneau CTF-CTC-Trigger - Yanick \'CyberSirius\' Létourneau DM-CTC-AlpineCrimbo2004 - Will \'Uncle_Bob\' Creighton DM-CTC-Astral - ??? \'Sarevok\' ??? DM-CTC-Caractacus - ??? \'HortonsWho\' ??? DM-CTC-Deadly Worship - Rob \'FraGnBraG\' Burns DM-CTC-Disconnect - Andrew \'Evil_Blue_Dude\' Jenner DM-CTC-Fossor - Roberto \'Homeslice\' Tobar and Andrew \'Evil_Blue_Dude\' Jenner DM-CTC-Phacoid - Nils \"Flying_Killer\" Croes DM-CTC-QuickSilver - Roberto \'Homeslice\' Tobar DOM-CTC-Techfoundry - Rich \'GroundZero\' Edwards DOM-CTC-EBD-LostCity- Andrew \'Evil_Blue_Dude\' Jenner JB-CTC-Nix - Nick \'niX°bl\' Pigalov [/quote]

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