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Operation Flashpoint

F/A 22 Raptor


This addon features the author's take on the new F/A22 Raptor, for the USAF. It includes 5 models different models, 3 of which feature different weaponry. The other 2 inlcude a "special" HUD and an
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unskinned version to allow mission editors to change the skin of the aircraft. The first impression I received when I loaded this Raptor up in Operation Flashpoint was: "Wow, that's ugly.". Admittedly the author of this file did not have a lot to work with in terms of textures, as you'll see from the screenshots of the Raptor's drab design. However, it would have been nice if the addon did not make you look as though you were running your game on 320x240 resolution on the lowest detail settings. The lines are blurred and the colours, too, are off. The overall impression is that splodges of grey have been splashed on where the author sees it appropriate. It has been proved by the team behind the TJP helicopter series that a drab design can look richly detailed and crystal clear at no loss to system performance, making this all the more inexcusable. The underbelly is completely bald and devoid of even a few lines that could have been tossed on to make it look as though it was not a single plastic sheet. The modelling is extremely crude considering the feats that are now achievable. When pitching the plane up or down a significant proportion of the rear fuselage melts and warps about, with half of the plane bucking up and down. This is in stark contrast to a complete lack of movement of the control surfaces when you are turning the plane. A puzzling option has been included in the action menu: that of "Full throttle". I can see absolutely no point in this whatsoever, but the author must have justified it somehow. The cockpits are extremely crude and it would be hard to convince yourself that you are flying one of the most advanced fighter aircraft ever. The HUD cockpit is diabolical as you will see from the screenshot, featuring the player sitting in thin air surrounded by a green stripe, with not even data such as speed or altitude displayed on it. It gives me no pleasure to conclude that this addon is distincly poor, and does not deserve a slot in your addons folder.

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