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Endless War


Endless War mod Installation: To install put .mix files into your RA2 directory. To uninstall remove .mix files from your RA2 directory. Requirement: You need to have C&C YR install in your
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computer (systems requirement is the same as YR one).Storyline (short one) (Part1) After the Great War, Soviet was defeated. USA sent one man to rule Russia. But the underground force had taken control the government and declared war against USA. War was started. (Part2) After the Great War had ended. The man known as Yuri had mindcontrolled Russian government to take control the earth. But the patriot Russians and new nation of CUA (Communist Union of America) had started to fight against the darkness of Yuri. War was started again.Features Multiplayer game maximum starting money is now 20000. Multiplayer game maximum starting units is now 15. AI use new units. Much more…..(I can’t remember)New units (Allies) Militia: cheap infantry, useful in assaulting. Rambo: New hero. He has powerful machinegun. Abrams Tank: Like Grizzly but has more firepower. Airstrike Pointer: This unit will call in an A-10 airstrike to blow up building. Sonic Tank: As the name. Don’t get in the way. Gun boat: Fast boat, has small cannon. B2 Bomber: Weak but has very powerful nuke missile. Invisible to radar. New units (Soviet) Shockrifle man: Infantry who carries shockrifle. Grenadier: Infantry who carries powerful grenade launcher. Nadia: New hero. She has special sniper rifle. MLRS: This vehicle can fire many rockets to target.Tesla Boat: Boat equips with Tesla coil. MiG-30: Like Black Eagle but weaker. New units (Yuri) Genetic sniper: Sniper that can transform human to Brute. Build limit 1. Terminator: You will know. Super Apocalypse Tank: Powerful tank that can crush vehicle. Build limit 2. Yuri Truck: Transport for Yuri army. Can carry 8 men. Jeep: Fast vehicle can carry 2 men. Men inside can shoot out. New structures Thermal Plant: Credits production. (Both 3 sides) Airfield: Soviet landing pad for MiG. New Special units USA: Paratrooper, Nimitz Carrier. Russia: Spet-Naz, British: Chrono tank Iraq: Shotgunner France: Longbow Helicopter. Cuba: Flamer. Germany: Combat Tank. Libya: Expert-Conscript. Korea: Light tank Bug(s) As I saw with my own eyes. The airfield will not completely show up its graphic in temperate or urban or desert map. If you find more bugs, Please tell me by send mail to Credits Casojin: founder, mod creator, idea guy, more…………. Scorchio: Logo maker, Tester. Thanks to:Deezire mod, Mooman mod, Fallen angels mod, Purple Alert mod, Aftermath mod and Deezire .ini editing guide.My friend names Westwood studio (for Yuri’s Revenge)At last hope everyone fun with this mod

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