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Lugormod *Mac*


Mac Version Ok, here's Amy's review of the last version: [quote]Well, what can I say about this multiplayer mod? It's difficult for me to review something that has like, NO DOCUMENTATION
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WHATSOEVER. I didn't even know what kind of mod this was until I installed it. Do you have any idea how frustrating that is? Well, I did manage to find some info about the mod on their forums. This is a mod that will allow you to customize gameplay a bit and has some admin commands for controlling players in your server. You can make bots say whatever you want, you can throw a player in "jail", you can strip a player of all weapons, force, items ... everything, you can disallow voting from a certain player, you can disable pickups, there's something called "king" mode and a bunch of other stuff. Do I like this mod? Meh. It's difficult for me to give an opinion on multiplayer mods anymore. They all seem the same to me at this point. One big difference between this mod and the others is that there's a version for Mac/Linux.[/quote] Lugor STILL hasn't included a documentation but he has included various bug fixes, he stated in the readme 'There is no documentation for this mod, you have to figure pretty much everything out for yourself' It's kinda hard to work everything out with very little info and so I did try it out in game and it adds an RP style of gameplay to JKA using credits, jailing, occupations, etc. There's not really much to say about this mod except if you like RP you could enjoy it, it adds a few emotes and commands and you'll probably enjoy it more with a few of people around. Oh and it makes bots smarter, they actually ask to duel you and they say weird things, I thought the bots had become possessed or something when Luke asked to duel me lol. I don't really suggest downloading it unless you want to host a lugormod server (and if you do, I suggest you look at the lugormod forums for explanations on how to use it). If you want to play it I say just join a lugormod server there’s quite a few on the JKA server list now. In your next version Lugor include a documentation on how to use it :P New Features: 7/10 Ease of Use: 5/10 Documentation: 0/10 (No documentation) Rating: 6/10 -Rink

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