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Ghost's Compilation Mod


This is something of a treat for all you Federation fans out there. The créme de la créme of pretty much everything Federation, from Constitution to Sovereign, from Oberth to Prometheus, it's more
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than likely your favourite ship from the humans is in here. It's an amazing pack, through and through. Downloading this is guaranteeing some fun time with it, but it does have a few issues (although easily outweighed by the advantages). So lets get those out of the way. Teching up to get to your favourite high-end ships takes a good long time, with build times at that point being on the more frustrating side of long. That's not to say early on you don't have variety, as upon building the first shipyard, you are granted with the weakest ships the Federation has to offer, but also some fighters which are quite potent, which is the emphasis of this point; I don't think I could truthfully say this mod is too balanced. Sure, building is balanced and you need one hell of an economy to get everything you want, but why bother teching up to Excaliburs and Prometheus' when a fleet of fighters at the beginning of the game will do the job? It also lacks balance against any other race; fantastic as this compilation is, it has no counterpart in no other race, meaning it kind of sticks out like a sore thumb. Further issues come in the fact that whilst the tech tree is also long, it also seems a bit odd in places, which ships becoming buildable at times when you'd have thought they should've been some time back, but becoming redundant through newer, better ships whilst also not being needed because you simply have too much choice and that might seem odd for this type of game, but I can honestly say this mod perhaps charges you with too much choice. But, that's all the bad stuff I have to say. The rest is golden bars all the way. Most of the ships stand the test of time to now, being the best available for their respective ship, although unfortunately some are outdated (but easily replaced with enough looking for such ships). Those remaining from stock, particularly the planets, get a nice little buildbutton/wireframe uplift, making all content seem new, even when it is not, an ability few, if any, other mods can boast about being able to do. Whilst choice is plentiful, it's the kind of choice that no other mod can simply offer you, unless you threw a load of ships into your personal installation, but then you'd have to balance them with each other yarda yarda yarda. The fact the mod is fully campaign compatible makes it a bit more fun, although missions will take longer as you have to endure the overlong tech tree. Ships are given specials that relate to them, such as Excelsiors, being the backbone of your fleet at one stage, offers the Aegean's task in stock to restore shields, but another varient gives it the ability to transwarp, like it was supposed to. The loading screen, whilst seemingly thought of with little regard, has been updated to a very cool new shot, seemingly worthy of wallpaper for your desktop and the list goes on and on. The plethora of ships and stations to go through is simply phenomenal and once again, I stress that no other mod offers such variety. You're even give a starting unit of the Enterprise and as your tech progresses, you can 'upgrade' your Enterprise through the time line until you get to the recent powerhouse of the Sovereign version, which can be brought alongside a hero Defiant and Voyager, complete with authentic sounds. As much as possible, this mod does everything right and is literally perfect for Federation fans. And so a summary has to come. Whilst less 'Armada' and more build-one-ship-of-each-class-because-it's-fun-to-do might not win you the war, it's certainly a good peageant. And, actually going against what I said, it will win the war. The majority of ships have a purpose and those that don't look cool, so you admire them for that. You'll seldom find yourself running out of things to do with this mod, but in the end, its excellence needs another excellent compilation pack to rival the Federation's brute strength. Even if you don't like the Federation, this is a mod to show all others just how to get the job done and it does it fantastically. Thumbs up, 5 stars and all that jazz. Download a classic.

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