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Flag Tag


This is a Big variation of capture the flag. Actually, it's based on the real life game Flag Tag. However, the best way to explain this is by stating the differences between CTF and Flag Tag. First
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of all CTF is based more on strategy than it is on stealth and speed. The Flag Tag map is very small instead of large allowing more exitement and running for your life!. The second difference is that in capture the flag a runner may be able to take out one or two people even if hes standing right next to thier flag! the concept of this is completely changed in flag tag. In flag tag you are seperated by a nuetral zone where noone can tag anyone. crossing this border makes you vulnerable, one wrong move could put you in jail (I'll get to that now). There are two reasons to go to the other side. A to get the flag and B to rescue your fallen (jailed) teammates. Flag Tag forces you regardless the danger to go for it. This means less camping and more action! This leads to the third reason making this all the more exciting. When your teamate is jailed killed in CTF he is auto revived. In Flag Tag if you are killled you are jailed. The jail is on the other teams side so you'll have to run for it to get there. The jail concept also puts more focus on teamwork. A team that can't work together will lose all its players as they one by one march in and are killed going for the flag. A well organized focused team will stage diversions, assign jobs and balance priorities(such as "is it worth risking the heavily guarded jail for two people or go for the unguarded flag"). This unique formula takes the boring sitting around out of CTF. I hope everyone finds this game fun and interesting. from the last version I added better music. I also fixed a music glitch that made the music play over itself. If you want to edit this map I'm fine with it as long as you keep my name on the title screen (anywhere). I'm extremely proud of this map so please, if you change it do a complete job and make sure you say it WAS edited. I hope everyone can enjoy this fast paced exciting game!

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