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Unreal Tournament 2004

ChaosUT2:Evolution Full Zip Install


[quote] Chaos has been designed to be as flexible and as compatible as was reasonably possible. This is why we have provided a mutator version of our mod. Simply so that Chaos can be played and
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enjoyed in ALL standard UT2004 game types, in addition to most custom game types, and even when combined with many other mods or mutators. However, Chaos also comes with it\'s own complete game types, each with full bot support, and each fully functional in online play. But it is important to note that some Chaos features (ie: melee weapons) are only available thru the Chaos game types! [/quote] There is no quick way to describe all the new features in this mod. But here are the changes from the previous version: [quote] Here is a partial list of the changes from 3.51 to 3.6: * Tweaked VengeanceSoul effect to have a slight random velocity * Tweaked Koth bots so if a player hurts them they have a slightly random change to take revenge on the player * Added Server Side switch to set which type of Vengeance effect to use ( Spirits vrs explosion) * Camera view lock for bike (keeps camera directly behind bike for aiming). * Moved Vengeance death check to PreventDeath() so monsters can activate it * Removed defunct Relic Static Meshes * Added back the two missing textures from ChaosMapItemzTexturs * Tweak for Jump Boots to make bots use them a \"wee\" bit better * Tweaked how the needle ball attaches to players to prevent them from falling off * Fixed issues with Relics when you pick them up, and you saw the re/despawn effect at the old location * Added switch to the chaos UT mut that allows to swap out the scorp for the bike * Added the HH Gametype (with its own set of monsters, rules, effects, ect) * Added in Shadows tweak to Relic effects (Strength effect is more red now, and reedmer explosion is a bit bigger, tweak to spirit trailer) * Added new sounds for venge and improved existing trail effect * fix AN in TurretTranslocator, remove prepivot hack from tank * Updated sounds for mug to improve quality and sync with new visuals * Completely re-scrubbed proxy sounds (bad ones removed, others changed, some tweaked) * Vehicles enabled in T/KOTH * Added in the ChaosBike :) * Added in tweaks to Relic Config Menu (Allows user selectable respawn time from 30 to 180 seconds as well as drop relic on deaths) * Tweaked MugProjectile a bit to get Firepools to spawn correctly * Tweak to Relic Shield Low End Effect to fix issue with it staying * Tweaked Headshot code in Standard Crossbow bolt to avoid recent headshot issues * Tweak to CUT Sniper Rifle and Claw to avoid other network clients from hearing the wrong sound when switching ammo on the last shot * Added in Team Talk Icons and a neutral talk icon * More tweaks to Mug Projectiles and their interactions (you can use it to \"walk\" on water for example when you freeze the top of some water) * Tweaked bot AI on mug a bit to reflect the changes we have made to it * Added in ChaosUT2 Credits * Added Pilot Light/Steam effect to MUG * CPP changed with new model/skin, effects, firing modes, ect There were other things that we left out to keep this list smaller (like removing ANs in logs, text tweaks, etc). [/quote]

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