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Unreal Tournament 2004

Admin Plus (1.4)


Here is version 1.4 of the AdminPlus mutator. I\'ve included updated readme and necessary files. AdminPlus allows Admin Commands to be used in online games. Not only the obvious ones like God,
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Summon, Loaded, but also new ones like Spider, GiveItem, CustomLoaded, ChangeName, private message, and more! AdminPlus also gives the ability to Create Custom Loaded load out, similar to type Admin Loaded to get all the default UT2004 weapons, the custom loaded allows you to get any weapons from weapon packs and mods you may be running! This is a complete list of commands. (Some may be disabled in the ini)\" Always put admin in front of the command you want. Ex: admin ghost\" Ghost/Walk/Spider/Fly are disabled for bots, it makes them act weird\" MOST COMMANDS CAN BE ISSUED TO OTHERS BY NAME, PARTIAL NAME, or \'ALL\'\" Examples: Admin Loaded Brockster, Admin Ghost Broc, Admin Godon All\" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ GodOn/Godoff - Toggle God Mode. | Ex: \'admin GodOn all\'\" InvisOn/InvisOff - Toggle Invisibility | Ex: \'admin GodOff Brock\'\" Loaded - Give All Weapons | Ex: \'admin Loaded all\'\" Help - Access This Help Message | Ex: \'admin help\'\" Ghost - Ghost Mode | Ex: \'admin ghost Jakob\'\" Fly - Fly Mode | Ex: \'admin fly Jak\'\" Spider - Spider Mode (Walk up walls) | Ex: \'admin spider Luna\'\" Walk - Return To Normal Walk Mode | Ex: \'admin walk all\'\" Fatality - Take Revenge On a Player | CauseEvent - Trigger an In-Game Event\" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ InvisComboOn/InvisComboOff - Toggle Invisi Combo\" CrateComboOn/CrateComboOff - Toggle Crate Combo\" SpeedComboOn/SpeedComboOff - Toggle Speed Combo\" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Slap - Takes a little damage away (set in ini) and knocks players back\" CustomLoaded1,2,3 - Loads Custom Weapons that you set in the server ini file\" TempAdmin - Grants Temporary Admin Status (Only Works on Single Admin Systems\" TempAdminOff - Removes Temporary Admin Status (Only Works on Single Admin Systems\" ChangeName - Changes a person\'s name to a name you choose\" usage (admin ChangeName bob jim) changes the name bob to jim\" HeadSize - Changes HeadSize of the person you choose (1=default size)\" usage (admin HeadSize john 3.5) changes john\'s head size to 3.5\" PlayerSize - Changes HeadSize of the person you choose (1=default size)\" usage (admin HeadSize john 3.5) changes john\'s head size to 3.5\" GiveItem - Give a weaponclass or full adrenaline to the person you choose\" usage (admin GiveItem xweapons.redeemer) or (admin GiveItem adrenaline)\" Summon - Allows You To Summon Actor Classes\" AdvancedSummon - Allows You To Summon Actor Classes To A Given Player\'s Location\" usage (admin AdvancedSummon classname username)\" ChangeScore/ResetScore - Lets You Change a players score to a value you select\" SloMo - Lets You Modify The GameSpeed of the Current Game (1=normal speed)\" SetGravity - Lets You Modify The Gravity of the Current Game (-950=normal grav)\" Teleport - Allows You to Teleport to the Surface (Wall) In Your Crosshairs\" PrivMessage/PM - Allows Admins to send private messages to separate players\" DNO - Disables Next Objective In Assault Games\" ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changes since v1.3: - Fixed: --- Debug message removed from the privmessage command. It stated the player wasn\'t in the game, even though they were. The function still worked, but just gave the admin an incorrect message --- Changed the naming convention to match the version number, new version is actually titled \"AdminPlus_v14\" - ToDo: --- Graphical interface that pops up on key press with lists of options for multiple players, items, etc.

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