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Unreal Tournament 2004

Frag.Ops 2.0 to 2.1 Exe Patch


[quote] v2.1 Tides Of War Added: - Added the Sig Pro SP2022 sidearm with 4 attachment configurations - Added sniper breathing, hold breath with AP - Bots now know how to reload deployable and
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vehicle weaponry - Added some more stylish health bars for vehicles - Added team radar to WAR gametype (tracks vehicles, buildables, deployables, build zones, teammates, and objectives) - Added bigger, gorier blood spray, and some truly nasty wall splats - Added retinal burn/motion blur effect to flash grenades - Added visible armor levels on player models, those with detail at high or super high get nice shader effects on the armor - Statistics return! The classic end-round statistics screen is back with improved score calculation and more data, and a new personal stats screen is available upon dying or at the end of each round. True to form, the personal stats screen will provide the player with tons of data. - Added some horizontal sway when firing all weapons, predictable (with practice) and controllable, worsens the longer that rapid consecutive shots are fired - Bots now choose a random set of armor instead of always medium - Added impact sounds to weapon pickups - Added buckshot decals to shotgun hit effects - Added support for UT2004\'s exploding barrel kill messages - Added alt-fire lunge attack to combat knife, if attack lands it is instant death and the player will lose his knife (it will be stuck in the victim) - Added a new map loading screen by Int - Added clientside ammo count prediction (eliminates the \"ghost shot\" problem on extremely lagged or saturated connections) - Added a new experimental recoil system that works independantly of ping - Added a system that increments the losing team\'s money reward higher and higher the more they lose, so the poor don\'t keep getting poorer and the rich richer. - Added high-res bullet shell textures Changed: - Increased pellet spread on shotguns by 10% - Increased driving torque on stryker, had trouble getting up hills - Stryker harder to tip over now - Lowered Arctic Eagle recoil by 8%, increased firing rate - Greatly reduced explosion momentum from grenades and LAW projectiles - Increased responsiveness when shooting grenade pickups - Limited the amount of vehicle impact sounds per second, and disabled them when friendly fire is off - If a player dies within the wave window time, it will no longer tell them they can respawn for that wave - The 8x speed loader costs $100 more, and CXP 20 more - Increased size of blood bursts by 1/3 - Improved collision on stationary MG\'s - Disabled vehicle/turret use when scoped with regular weapons, unscope first - Increased UMP and MP9 damage falloff (although up close they\'ll be deadly) - Players now only receive 1 LAW resupply every second wave - Reduced impact velocity when vehicles hit players on own team - Weapon pickups will now fly twice as far when shot - Increased general net update frequency on 3rd person firing effects - Removed impact sounds from stationary MG\'s - Bringing up a scope while sprinting will now cancel the remaining sprint time - Improved ammunition network replication performance - Some taunt animations were readded: point, halt, beckon, and throat cut - Greatly improved memory and CPU usage in weaponry - Improved responsiveness of recoil and hit feedback in network games - Improved 1st person FAMAS, DSR, and Red Label weapon positions - Reduced 1st person glove texture size for performance - Vehicles will now disappear after not being used for 60 seconds - Raised volume of DSR fire sound - Rewrote ancient armor and locational hit detection code - Reduced silhouette cutoff and \"wall shadow\" effect - Improved performance in keybind exploit checker - Made sizes of blood splats more random, less repetitive - Extended water viewfogging to spectating players as well (note that removing this does not affect what\'s mentioned in the notes on water fogging below) - All falling damage less than 20 is now tossed out, wrote custom falling damage checker - Improved HE grenade explosion effect - Reenabled behindview toggle in botmatch for level design scale testing - Made DE, AK103, USP, UMP and 8X fire sounds punchier - Increased world collision friction of player model ragdolls - Increased size/lifetime of bullet water rings - Revamped blood splat code, moved some code clientside to save network bandwidth - Reduced ringing sound volume on flash grenades, reworked flash amplitude calculation - Vehicle startup and shutoff sounds now have much smaller hearing radius - HE Grenade explosion timer has been reduced to an even 3 seconds and radius has been reduced by 10%, explosion effect completely redone - TRG42 will now eject a shell when bolting - M4 (known as Comanche ingame) has changed names to \"Commando\", has new fire sound sample courtesy of Hoak - Further improved breaking glass effect - Improved skins on some weapons - Brought back the old v1.1 random death calculation system (TRG42 headshot bodyflips return!) - Reduced polycounts on player models (without sacrificing detail) by ~700, and heavily optimized skeletons -- the result is a 50% reduction in data uploaded to the video card per model per frame, a large performance boost. Also improved general model deformation; many parts like the vest and pouches now have rigid properties - Added a setting to War_Objective_Destroyable to allow targetting by LAWs - Merc urban skin now has brown pants to be more distinguishable from specops urban skin - Bullet tracers will no longer be visible when firing at objects up close - Remade all bullet hit effects - Reduced sound volume on all weapon folly by 10% - Dirtied jeep tire texture - Improved network performance and responsiveness of all true projectile weapons (includes grenades and LAW) - Players now take impact damage from velocity in any direction, not just straight down - Reduced speed mods on Assassin and Sprinter traits slightly - Reduced shadow breakage and improved performance in shadow projectors - Reduced overall vehicle view distance range - Realigned all 3rd person weapons to accurately fit hands of player model - Lowered minimum crouch height and movement speed - Temporarily disabled akimbo knives while animations are remade - Players with light armor will now be more vulnerable to headshots due to lack of helmet - Reduced default size of font in console - The BUY button will no longer close the buy menu if cash is less than 0 - Players can no longer use scoped weapons if their head is below water - Vehicles now break glass upon impact - Initial team displayed in team select menu when joining a server will now default to the team with the least players - Rearranged map loading screen layout - Removed player model pain animations again, were interfering with new hit detection - Slowed firing rate and reduced UMP damage by 5% per bullet - Raised Super 90 3rd person volume - Armor purchasing has changed: selecting your armor set will be free unless your current armor is damaged. Changing damaged armor will cost $75, the same as repairing it. - Retrieval objectives in WAR will now return to their starting positions after being dropped for 60 seconds - Listen server has been disabled for now - Intro logo menu music replaced, sound effects updated Fixed: - Fixed disabled jeep upgrade (sorry!) - Fixed being unable to exit vehicles in some seat positions - Fixed incorrect kill message for stryker grenades - Fixed strangeness with left handed weapon positions - Fixed wave window time desynching from actual server time - Fixed jeep rear gunner not rotating sideways to follow vehicle movement - Fixed fists 3rd person animation looking like rifle animation - Fixed ragdolls not playing if player dies on a turret - Fixed players not playing correct animations immediately after exiting or entering a vehicle - Fixed able to keep buymenu open while changing teams - Fixed your own grenades giving you CXP in WAR - Fixed overly large destroyed vehicle models - Fixed a typo causing a major imbalance in Structures/Mechanic/Weapons stats. Upgrades are now processed and achieved in the intended way. - Fixed players getting extra damagedone awarded for grenades - Fixed jeep free gunner not seeing ammunition go down/up while firing or reloading, view also no longer clips seat mesh - Fixed Accessed Nones in loadout menu, taunt anims, bots, akimbos, LAW pickups, and blood pools - Fixed a muzzle flash memory leak in the red label shotgun - Fixed secondary weapon in akimbos not moving out of view while building - Fixed slight visual artifact when reloading the FAMAS - Fixed bayonets triggering a muzzle flash when spectating in first person - Fixed 8X shots not being counted when considering pistol medals - Fixed vehicle headlights not working in net play - Fixed visual inconsistencies (3 arms visible on screen for very brief time) when reloading akimbo weapons - Fixed \"holding fire button while reloading deployable weaponry causes weapon to stop playing fire sound until trigger is released and pressed again\" - Fixed vehicle occupants not dying when vehicle is destroyed - Fixed a problem in botmatch where the JOIN button would occasionally force you back to the main menu - Fixed a bug with MG tracers and hit effects not appearing at certain angles - Fixed \"double reload sound\" when spectating someone who is reloading - Fixed LAW model displaying incorrectly in WAR loadout menu - Fixed AP not refilling to max when respawning - Fixed team select menu opening in demo recordings - Fixed empty speech bind menu - Fixed a bug in WAR spawn protection, you now have 2 seconds of invulnerability immediately after spawning - Fixed \"unable to start dedicated server from ingame GUI\" - Fixed a memory leak in the team select menu - Fixed grenade/LAW selection in buymenu, added right click support - Fixed an M240/sandbag exploit that essentially made players invincible - Fixed some miscellaneous LAw issues - Fixed secondary akimbo weapon ammunition not being restored to full at start of round in WAR games - Fixed \"player is unable to pick up LAW in WAR game\" - Fixed FriendlyFireScale setting not affecting the WAR gametype - Fixed a SellWeapon and BuyInventory money exploit - Fixed wave respawn message from appearing during gameover wait period - Fixed default crosshair displaying randomly when respawning in War - Fixed overlapping weapon switch/pickup messages - Fixed some scoreboard layout overlaps - Fixed shells not ejecting from primary weapon when using akimbos - Fixed retrieval objectives disappearing if a vehicle blows up with its carrier inside - Fixed armor choice not being reflected in loadout menu if choosing while dead (only affected WAR) - Fixed water bullet splashes not showing while zoomed or using hidden weapons - Fixed throwing melee weapon and bringing up fists causing player to end up with no weapons at all - Fixed missing TRG scope texture - Fixed double MBT LAW entry in weapon settings menu - Fixed a footstep bug that could cause very distant players\' footsteps to sound nearby and come from the wrong direction - Fixed an accessed none with the HUD quickbar and build zones that have not set empty item slot resources to 0 - Applied some various animation edits, mostly fixes weird thumbs/hands in some weaponry - Improved memory management in vehicle weapons - The unzoom click sound will no longer interrupt gunfire sounds - May have fixed \"players stay zoomed if using a scope at map change\" Notes: - On new hit detection: hit detection is now very accurate. Players of previous versions will immediately notice how much more difficult it is to hit people, because the hit area was so large pre-2.1 you could literally shoot 1-2 feet away from the body into thin air and cause damage. In this version, you can shoot between people\'s legs, next to their heads or arms, and the bullet will pass through. If you shoot thin air it will hit thin air. While this will cause some frustration i\'m sure (increasing the difficulty of a game will always do that), accurate hit zones are very important for this mod and in time we hope you realize this is for your benefit as well, as all this does is decrease the luck factor. The better you get, the more this will benefit you. - On the Med Station: Health boosts will only work after the first wave you survive, but the level 2 and 3 MedStation upgrades can be used at any time. * Level 1 heals moderate wounds instantly. Provides a 40 HP boost up to 100. * Level 2 provides a 40 HP boost and a special endorphine vapor. Temporarily reduces resting time for 20 seconds. * Level 3 provides all of the above, plus a stimulant booster to reduce pain response. Essentially functions as an extra 5% armor for 20 seconds. It is used by entering the ventilation area and pressing your Interact key. You can also only use it once per wave no matter which upgrade level. - On horizontal recoil/sway: there are some things you can keep in mind to help predict and control horizontal weapon recoil. * The weapon is more likely to recoil to the right if using right-handed weapons and vice versa for left. Hidden weapons use the same settings as right-handed. * The horizontal recoil will worsen the longer the trigger is held down. Firing in bursts will keep the recoil effect to a minimum; almost non-existent. * Crouching and standing still will reduce the effect greatly. - Fogging and water: there is something in underwater fogging that seriously disagrees with our mod at the moment, so the following problems are evident: * Fog is not visible in water while alive * Fog will become immediately visible once dying * Fog sometimes won\'t remove itself from the camera if player dies underwater We are letting you know we are aware of these problems, and we hope to find the cause sometime soon. Maps: - Added WAR-WinterStorm by KilEmDed - Added WAR-Predator by Ektophase - Fixed karma ragdoll collision on many map objects - Added MedStation support to Relics, optimized performance, fixed a couple sticky spots and the fog HOM effect when zoomed on some rifles - Updated MIS-Nightfall, MIS-MetroCity, and MIS-ArcticShatter with various improvements and fixes - Fixed some poly flipping in MIS-WaterPlant, rebuilt with uncompressed lighting, lowered volume on some ambient sounds - Official support for MIS-Factory has been dropped [/quote]

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