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Unreal Tournament 2004

UnWheel MSU Edition Zip Install


[quote] UnWheel is a driving modification for Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 with a focus on fun driving. Rather than just racing, many different vehicle-based gametypes are on offer, giving the
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player an assortment of different styles of play and environments in which to drive. Along with this wide range of modes of play, UnWheel features every type of four-wheeled vehicle you could think of, from sports and rally cars, to monster trucks and massive mining trucks. Each vehicle can be customised to suit the driving envinronment or your driving style. [/quote] [quote] A wide range of gametypes: * Race Classic lap-based racing * Capture the Flag Players compete to return the flag to a central location on the map * Roamer \'Open-ended\' freestyle driving where players try to score by driving over random scoreing points * K-Ball Get the giant beach-ball into the goal to score * Rabbit Players compete for possesion of the flag in order to score * King of the Hill Dominate an area of the map for as long as possible to gain points Multitude of vehicles: * Sports/Racing cars Sleek and fast, well suited to road driving * Monster Trucks Giant trucks with giant wheels for giant offroad action * Rally cars The ideal mix of speed and great on- and off-road handelling * Wierd and wonderful A few little (and some rather large) extras to add spice to any round General features: * Freedom to choose any vehicle At the start of each map, you are given the option to choose any of the vehicles without restriction * Multiple camera view options Each vehicle has an array of camera angels available so you can use whichever suits you best * Headlights for night driving Turn your headlights on and off for fun or just to see where you are going at night * Multiple skins per vehicle Most vehicles have at least three or four skin variations available * Customisable vehicle setups At the start of each round, you are given the opertunity to set up your vehicle with custom settings such as tyre grip, suspension, wheight, etc. Later, you can pit in and make further changes if required * New HUD The HUD has been replaced with something a little more relavent, and shows gametype-specific information. Also featuring a rear view mirror which can be toggled on and off. * L33t effects All kinds of effects, including headlight volumes, brake/reverse lights (with dynamic lighting), sparks spew out when you make contact with solid objects, surface-specific effects for grass, mud, sand, ice, water, etc. * Customisable UnWheel is completely customisable and flexible, meaning it\'s easy to create your own gametypes, cars, etc. [/quote]

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