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Stranded is a rather large and very open map, which despite having an atmosphere similar to the Arctic (cue the mountains with all the snow), consists of a large grassy garden area with a few
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buildings in it. The buildings are mainly large cubes, and most you cannot go inside of (you\'re mostly fighting on their roofs). You can enter one of the longer buildings where you need to climb up to the second level in order to get around a large wall that\'s blocking your way. This takes you to another room with a large picture in it that serves as a transporter. This takes you to yet another maze-like room where you again walk around seeing many Star Trek pictures hanging on the walls (not to miss the catchy tunes in the background ;)) and again some of these pictures serve as transporters to take you back to the main garden area. The garden is pretty plain and has a bunch of trees occupying space. This is also where you\'ll find almost all the weapons and ammo (they\'re all rather spread out too so you\'ll spend quite a bit of time walking from corner to corner to get some good weapons). For CCD\'s first map, it\'s not too bad. There\'s definitely a lot to improve on. Textures for one could have been chosen and used better, currently there is a lot of tiling and lo-res textures that don\'t provide much detail. Use brushwork to bring some more 3D detail to the outside (and inside) of the buildings (perhaps things like supports, pipes, etc). The trees in the garden are placed rather unnaturally and thus aren\'t very effective in bringing any sort of garden/forest feel. Terrain variation would have been nice (nothing too complex is really needed, just something to break up the flat layout). Lighting was a little bland as well, think about actual light sources rather than placing light entities everywhere to light a map (Where is the light coming from? There must be some kind of light fixture). As an FFA map it doesn\'t work too well, atleast not competitively. The outside of the map has potential, but the insides of the buildings are way to linear to have any use gameplay wise. [b]Bot Support:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Sounds:[/b] Yes [b]New Models:[/b] Yes

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