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Zero Hour Reborn: The Last Stand


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The Last Stand (V.5.0). Nuker has been working non stop to give you all what you want. My clan has also been beta testing to make sure you don’t have to deal with bugs in this version of Reborn. Nuker has done a great job on this version. He has added many, many new things to this version such as…. **3 New Generals AKA The Rouge Generals** USA- General IronSide “USA Rouge” CHINA- General Chen “China Rouge” GLA- General Mohmar Death Strike “GLA Rouge” **New Units** USA- Aegis Missile Cruiser USA- Harrier USA- Battleship USA- Tank Drone USA- Mammoth Tanks CHINA- Hacker Truck CHINA- SuperLord CHINA- Cruise Missile Submarine CHINA- Dual Gattling Tank CHINA- Iron Dragon GLA- Sting Ray GLA- PT Boats GLA- Suicide Ferries GLA- Rocket Quads GLA- Quad Tanks **Buildings** USA- Tech Lab USA- Tomahawk Battery’s USA- Security Fence CHINA- Gap Generators CHINA- Reinforcement Pads GLA- Burning Barricade GLA- Gas Patriot ALL SIDES- Naval Yard **Upgrades** Napalm & EMP Shells “Grants Napalm & EMP Shells to Battle Master” Afterburners “Increases speed of Raptors & Stealth Fighters by 25%” Heat Seekers “Grants Heat Seeking Missiles to the patriots” Adv. Comminations Gear “Grants Ability to relay enemy positions to each near by tank” New Draft Upgrade Rules “Units lose veterinary how ever are built quicker and at a lesser cost” Commanche Patrols for Battleship “Grants Battleships a Commanche patrol to guard them” Osprey Patrols for Battleship “Grants Battleships a Osprey to Guard from enemy subs & ships” Nano Armor for Battle Masters “Grants the ability for Battle Masters to Self Repair” Officer Promotion “Grants 1 different Special Ability to each officer” **Generals Powers** USA- Heavy Air Strike USA- Cruise Missile Strike USA- 101st Airborne CHINA- Napalm Cluster Strike CHINA- Infantry Reserve CHINA- Battle Lord Training CHINA- Sniper Recruiting GLA- Demoralize GLA- Terror Bombing GLA- Rebellion **Exclusive Maps** Iron Shield (4 Players) Tears Of The Sun (2 Players) Pearl Harbor (3 Players) Desert Storm (4 Players) Hell March (4 Players) Hell Match 2 (4 Players) The Last Stand (4 Players) Long Way Down (2 Players) Offshore Bombardment (4 Players) The Rise Of The Ruthless (4 Players) Narrow Passage (4 Players) The Rise To Power (6 Players) Second Sacrifice (4 Players) BattleField 40k (2 Players) **Special Features** 14 Exclusive maps made specifically for Reborn by Silent_Killer1 AI Works with all Reborn Generals, you can verse you favorite generals now with ease. The AI works for all 14 exclusive maps, so they make good for any type of game. New Shell Map **Notes** Most of everything stated above May very for each general / side. This entire list is just a small overview, there is much more added to this version. Read the readme for more info. Zero Hour Reborn: The Last Stand (V.5.0) is hosted exclusively on only and will only be hosted on Nuker has stated that he does not want any other site hosting this mod. This is also the third and final patch of reborn 5.0.

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