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Romulan War Mod Demo


This, ladies and gentlemen, is the demo for the Romulan War mod. If you’re into pre-TOS or TOS, you’ll love this. Actually, this is more of an addon for the game than a TC. It adds two new races to
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the playing field: The pre-TOS Federation and their Romulan counterparts. They are all cannon scaled to the other stock races, which means that you’ll be dealing with several ships the size of a shuttle. They have weapon loadouts on a cannon scale, which means that they are a match for their counterpart, but, a single ship from any of the other races can wipe out half of a fleet. I took an eight fleet armada of pre feds against the feds from Ghosts comp mod, and my armada was picked off by the star base. The shield didn’t drop below 50% on any of their ships or stations, and then I gave up. Because of their total weakness, they can be wiped out by a nebula in one to two seconds. The resource costs do compensate for this, as your largest ship costs less than a stock defiant class. Also, the AI in the demo was not complete, as the enemy sat there with a base and a construction and proceeded to do nothing until I wiped them out. Also, the new races did not include race sounds, so there are no voice-overs. The worst part was that that you needed to manually install every file by hand. This causes a lot of frustration and a large margin of error, but, if you’re skilled enough, this can make the mod compatible with other mods. Enough of the bad. Now on to the good. This mod is one of the best I’ve played in a long time. The ships were from an era never before done to any extent, and the realism I felt was very high. For those of you that ever read the novel [b]Starfleet: Year One[/b], this is a great recreation of that era. In my personal scale, I’d rate this demo just below the Borg Incursion series. I’m not going to give away too much of the game play, but this mod adjusts it from a “build strategically” to a “build lots of easily destroyed ships.” In other mods, this would be a downfall, but in this one, it properly reflects the idealism of the races. This is a great mod that I recommend to everyone that frequents this site. It takes a lot of work to install, but this is well worth the work. The worst part of this mod is that it will never be finished. If you’re going to download one mod this month, download this. Added author's upon request Description by Ch'Yu Chen: This mod is a simulation of Masao Okazaki's ideas of the romulan war.( The highest priority is simulation and realism ,not fun, action or anything else. You can't compare this mod to others, this one is different and you can't play against races from other mods, because your ships are old and weak and you'll lose. Maybe I'll make an arcade-Version with increased ship-Power for playing against other races. I didn't included race sounds, but I've made some. You can download stupid german SIW-sounds ("Sinnlos im Weltraum") separately, called [file="31932"]German Voice Patch[/file]. The romulan war has nothing to do with 'Enterprise'. This mod is not planned to be finished.

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