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Hello all, this is just a grouping of a few mods I liked as well as a few modifications that I thought were necessary to make it look that much cooler. First I am a major Zombie fan so I used
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the zombie code from the \"TRU ZOMBIE RESURRECT ver0.1b by MAsta_KFC.\" This will cause them to get back up and so on and so forth. I only modified two things on the pistol and those are the skin and the ammo. For that I used Fragger\'s Chrome Pistol mod. I couldn\'t contact him/her to confirm wether or not this could be used, so if you\'re the person who made the mod and you don\'t want me to use it then I\'ll try to get it removed from filefront and I\'ll take the skin out of my mod before I put it back. The Shotgun has a flashlight,thanks to Glen Murphy for this as I had no idea what the tag for it was, a tighter spread and increased ammo. The Machine gun has a flashlight, once again thanks Glen, and increased ammo. The Chaingun has a flashlight, last thanks to Glen..haha, and increased ammo as well as a different bullet impact animation. For the grenade I used the \"advanced sentry\" mod that Sloanbone put out. This basically takes the grenade and turns it into a sentry that you can make anywhere, I really liked this because of it\'s usability. Anywhere you need one, just drop it. There was absolutely no contact information supplied with this mod so if he wants me to take it out of my mod just give me an email and I\'ll take it out. The next thing I modified was my favorite gun in the game...the plasma rifle. This, in my opinion, has come a very long way from the original. I put the radar from MWoody\'s Plasma gun radar mod on it. I also combound that code with that of the DoomXL mod by Headshotfairy. The part I used from that mod is the particle coding for the plasma gun. So now the plasma gun has 3 different firing types: regular, plasma shield, and a rail gun type attack. From here I changed the regular arrack to appear like the Cacodemon...The balancing part of the gun is that it does as much damage as the Cacodemon\'s blast, so...not much...The main driving force on this weapon is the rail gun shot. One or two shots usually kills anything, the balancing effect of this is that you have to charge up, so you can be pummled while you charge. Also instead of putting another flashlight on this gun I wanted to make this gun that much better, so now the natural glow that emitted by the gun will light the room...good stuff. The Rocket launcher fires homing rockets now which is from Brian Wiener homing rocket launcher mod. The BFG 9000 has a higher max ammo capacity. The soul cube and fists I left the same. I also raised the max armor and max health to 999 so that people who take less dammage get to hold more health and armor...They should be rewarded for their gaming ability.

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